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(E) Dear new subscribers
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/2/2001 | Editorials | Unrated
(E) Dear new subscribers
Dear new subscribers, 
I welcome you. We already entered the third year how I started this CROWN 
(Croatian World Net) network out of desperation, not an inspiration. You who 
read it and act upon it are the value of this network. My function is to keep 
it going and not allow to discuss old rhetoric over and over. Not preach to 
the choir but to the audience. 
It is a NONCONFORMIST type of communication, because I think that poetry and 
music and news and history and politics and many more are part of our daily 
life. We who are outside of Croatia, and the list is 99% of such, have a 
common interest and many of us have similar experiences in our out-of-country 
living. So, we are the focus of this global group. On the list there are 
Hollywood producers and Harvard students, Sydney's entrepreneurs and New York 
musicians, New Mexico poets and Italian businesswomen. The range is wide and 
beautiful. Friends from Sweden and Japan. Doctors from Zagreb and Norway. 
We are all over the globe and willing to help "our beautiful" as well as 
ourselves. Coordination, exchange of ideas, tolerance and allowing others to 
be who they are...Small minds talk about other people, average about events 
and great ones about ideas. 
I witnessed many new friendships, employment, published letters in the major 
world publications, even a real estate deals. These were all done in 
volunteers manner and I intend it to stay that way till we are able to employ 
few editors. People distinguish themselves with their inner ability, whether 
that is their intention or not. I see quality and that makes me very hopeful. 
Our intentions can be accomplished in a short period of time. As of now I do 
not advertise and the number of recipients are in thousands. I want quality. 
Period. When the webpage will be functioning, then we can spread the word. I 
get daily up to 400 of your emails and on an average day I forward 2-3. If we 
had a webpage it could be done in the way that you will receive once a week 
all the titles with the link and you will pick the subject you are interested 
in. Most of the ideas fell apart when people started to discuss among 
themselves old themes that are not resolved within us. My idea is to deal 
with them on the paper and post them for the audience, but all the FOCUS is 
It's a tough job, believe me, to stay to the center. It is very easy to go 
left and right, but to stay on the course is difficult. We entered the third 
year of our not so small community that spreads to all the continents. I hope 
to find financing to put this idea on the webpage so it will stay permanently 
for everybody who wants to know about us to hear it FROM us. Not from the 
third party as it was for the last 13 centuries. I also want to make such a 
webpage self-sustained. 
Few rules. No, curse words. Civilized behavior. Otherwise you disqualify 
yourself in posting your letter of interest. There is a way to tell the truth 
and not offend everybody on the way to the victory. Croatian daily domestic 
politics is not our focus. 
Letter in the Subject title is either E or H or both which determines the 
language in the letter. English, Croatian or both. 
Svako dobro, (all the best) 
Nenad Bach 
CROWN (Croatian World Net) 
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