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(E) Future of Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/5/2002 | Editorials | Unrated
(E) Future of Croatia
To all the Croatians living outside of the homeland, 
This mail is my account of how I see the future of Croatia and it will be 
short and to the point (as much as I can be talking about the future of the 
country). I am a Chicago born Croatian, grew up there and then moved to 
Croatia in 1991. I came with the expectation that the country would blossom 
and achieve at least a small portion of its potential. That hasn't happened 
and the whole time I am wondering about what it is that can be done to 
improve the situation. 
At first I thought a democratic system would be the solution, giving people 
the freedom to prosper and to achieve their dreams. However in socialism 
people became so passive, irresponsible and corrupt. On the other hand, a 
democratic system relies on people being proactive, positive, responsible 
and ethical - so in Croatia democracy only exists on paper. 
Then I thought it was the legal system which would govern everything and 
weed out corruption. But you can make any system you want but if the people 
are corrupt they will find ways around it. 
And then I came to the conclusion that it was the economy. Given enough 
money, people would have their basic needs satisfied and then would be able 
to truly contribute to the development of the country and think more long 
term (and this is another problem, everyone thinks very short term). But 
this hasn't happened. You can make all the stimulation programmes for small 
and medium-sized businesses but if the people do not have the right business 
attitude and knowledge, nothing will come of it. And this has happened. 
There are litteraly billions of kunas that can be available to Croatians but 
they either do not know how to make use of it or are to lazy to make use of 
Therefore in my opinion the future of Croatia depends on the people. 
Concretely that means: 
- investing in a change in the attitude of the people investing in building 
up knowledge and skills of the general population 
- working with the top leaders in the private and public sectors to give 
them world class know-how and advice to carry out change 
There are a few (too few) of us in Croatia working in this field. My 
organisation, Horizon or Horizont in Croatian (more information can be found 
on ( is one working in this area. Having lived in the 
US, I would like to involve my colleagues abroad (not only the US) in 
working with us and others in the field. I believe that if we are to 
contribute to the country, the best contribution we can make is in the 
know-how of the people. 
I will stop here so that I do not go too much into detail and write more 
follow-up mails with information on what is being done and suggestions. 
Warm regards, 
Ante Glavas 
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