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(E,H) Rules for submitting letters to be published on CROWN
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/18/2002 | Editorials | Unrated
(E,H) Rules for submitting letters to be published on CROWN
Now, you'll have it here on the web. I will appreciate that you keep exact form. Thank you. 
Sada imate na web stranici format u kojem bih Vas molio da mi saljete pisma koja zelite 
publicirati na CROWNu. Hvala. 
Dear ALL, 
Your letters NEED to be in a FORMAT, so if we choose to publish them it will be immediate. 
I would ask people who send their letters to follow a simple rule that will 
allow me as an editor in chief to focus more on the subject then editing 50 
pages of incoherent fonts, trying to find some meaning on the page that has 
interesting title. So, these is the form that I need you to follow. 
(E) I leaned forward 
Nenad Bach 
Feb 15, 2002 

1. First row, on the top of the page, looks like this: 
EXAMPLE: (E) I leaned forward 
EXPLANATION: In parentheses language mark (E) for English, (H) for Croatian, 
(S) for Spanish, (D) for German. The title should have less then 57 spaces. 
2. Second row is a category. Use categories that exist. Be sure to spell it 
properly, because automation will create another category for that reason and 
then Webmaster needs to go into database and change database. (more work). If 
you feel that we need more categories, please suggest that by creating one 
(just write it in the second row). 
EXAMPLE: Sports 
3. Sign your name as a person that is submitting the article or opinion or suggestion. 
EXAMPLE: Nenad Bach 
4. Put the date in this format. 
EXAMPLE: Feb 15, 2002 (first three letters of the month, space, date, coma, year) 
5. Write letter "N" which means no HTML. If there is HTML that I want to put 
  in the letter then I'll change it into "Y" which stands for "yes". I am progressing slowly but surely 
Sample should look EXACTLY like this: 
(E) I leaned forward 
Nenad Bach 
Feb 15, 2002 

this is where text starts 
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