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(E) Dalmatia dog - corrections will be made - one more letter
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/28/2002 | Editorials | Unrated
(E) Dalmatia dog - corrections will be made - one more letter



Dear All,

This is a small and successful example, how we work together and have immediate success.
Please stop sending Mr. Probert more letters. Actually, few more about Croatia being part of Yugoslavia should be sent. He had full 10 years to change it.

There should be a team of people (maybe in the National Library, or wherever) who will:

1. Change all misinformation that is floating around the world
2. Implement new information
3. Proactively place information about our history, sports, science, art and culture.


Dear Nenad;

Thank you for your suggestion.

Indeed, the dalmation dog originates from Dalmatia in east Croatia. This entry will be amended shortly in the encyclopaedia. Yes there was a typing error in "strangers" but travellers is spelt correctly (I am English, not American ! <G>)

Apologies, no insult was intended of the Croatian people by refering to "Yugoslavia".

Yours sincerely

Matt Probert
Author Of The Probert Encyclopaedia 
-----Original Message-----
Sent: 27 April 2002 16:56
Subject: Dalmatian Dog - needs correction

Dear Matt,

Thank you for your kind respond. Dalmatia is in Southern Croatia. I will post your letter as I did the previous one (if you got more letters) on a Croatian websites. I hope that this will help some visibility for your encyclopedia. If you want some input for your encyclopedia

Yours sincerely,

Nenad Bach

p.s. Do you say dalmation or dalmatian dog? We say Dalmatian (in the USA). InCroatia Dalmatiner. because when you say Dalmatian, people would think of ahuman, not a dog.
P.O.Box 274
Irvington, New York 10533 USA

The Probert Encyclopaedia
From Places of the World
Croatia is a republic in Europe. Part of Yugoslavia.

My response:
That one is outdated too.
Thank you

Dear Mr.Probert,

While I was searching the net for the Dalmatian dog, I found your beautiful Probert Encyclopedia.

Since I found a misinformation and I hope that you will appreciate my time to write a letter to you, I would ask you to reconsider, changing the "Yugoslavian breed" into Croatian breed. To say the least, Yugoslavia existed only 70 years. Dalmatian Dog outlived many countries and political systems. Dalmatia happened to be part of Croatia. Croatians live there since the 7th century. Here and there, I call myself Dalmatian (my mother is), not that I do not behave like a dog sometimes. Joke aside, we Croatians are very proud of our new country and especially about our own history and identity, that even a dog reflects. Dalmatian dog is very popular in Croatia and it fits the character of who we are. 

Please take time to explore on your own, and if you do not have that time, we can help you find information about our dog. We are still learning the power of promotion, otherwise, I wouldn't need to write such a letter in 21st century. I hope that our Croatian government will finally understand the value of truth. In the meantime, let's change what we can, when we can.


Nenad Bach

p.s. Travelers and Strangers were misspelled. I corrected it for this letter. When you change this information, I will advertise your Probert Encyclopedia on our Croatian community boards. There are 3 million Croatians in US and cca 10 million all together.

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