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(E) CROWN on Internet - 1st Anniversary.
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/25/2002 | Editorials | Unrated
(E) CROWN on Internet - 1st Anniversary.

One Year on the Internet

Dear All

It has been exactly one year since we started CROWN on Internet. CROWN is incirculation for little bit less then 4 years, but permanent version on Internetstarted on Christmas Day 2001. In one year we published 1150 letters, had275,000 visits (hits) to our website. For website that has not been advertised,it is an AMAZING number. I witnessed many new friendships and most of all wecreated a platform to find data and introduce your talent to other Croatiansaround the world. I desire to be more wise at this moment, but I need some restthese days. It has been wonderful. Help us continue this work. 

I want to thank again Eugenij Lezaja for creating the whole structure of CROWN,Marko Puljic for more consistent work on CROWN, our sponsors "AdriaticTravel", "Heart ofCroatia Gifts", "Artificial Intelligence Design","Enconet", "Nenad Bach Music Ltd" and all of you whoparticipate with your submissions and contributions. Thank you from the bottomof my heart.

In four years I've never asked you to recommend others of your kind, but I willdo it right now. We need quality people who are willing to change the world onbetter. So, think of 5-10 of your friends who are talented and willing to participate inthis arena of life. Introduce them the concept of CROWN and ask them to join us.We Croatians are Sleeping Giant. So talented andso under appreciated. Waiting for political vision and leader. Our time is NOW. We are strong and we can do it.

Enjoy holidays !

Nenad Bach 

Editor -in-Chief

P.S. Please send me your suggestions on what was good in this first year.What was not and what would you do to improve the CROWN.

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