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(E) CROWN 2nd Year on a Website & a 5th year in progress
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/25/2003 | Editorials | Unrated
(E) CROWN 2nd Year on a Website & a 5th year in progress


In the fifth year and a second one on the website


Dear All,

December 25th 2003. Two years on website and in a fifth year of CROWN's (Croatian World Network) existence. 750.000 hits (amazing, isn't it). Approximately 500.000 this year. Over 2200 published letters in two years. A lot of work and a lot of pride and joy as well. I thank you for being the inspiration for me to go on. I hope to make a change this year to a new platform that will allow 10 other writers around the world to regularly participate with their submissions. Goal for this year is to make CROWN daily e-magazine. Which means, changes will be done on a daily basis. If we connect the dots that are missing and that is financing and talent. For writing and technical staff. I am bypassing number of technical difficulties for the last 6 months and it is very much time consuming and nerve wrecking. New site will be located which will lead you today to CROWN as it is.

I thank you for your kind letters and wishes. I am amazed how much it means to you. We are making a progress every day. I want to thank again Eugenij Lezaja for creating the whole structure of CROWN, Marko Puljic for more consistent work on CROWN this year, our sponsors "Adriatic Travel", "Heart of Croatia Gifts", "Artificial Intelligence Design", "Enconet", "Nenad Bach Music Ltd", "Croatia Travel", "BRAMSON ORT College" and all of you who participate with your submissions and contributions. CROWN already became a significant website with a consistent readership and therefore, I will look for more strategic partners in advertisement. Numbers are proven for years. Runway was a long one. It's time to fly.

I needed a brake this days, so my letter is short. Enjoy Christmas, Holidays, Hanukah, Kwanzaa or whatever you do believe or not.

I wish you Merry everything and

A Thousand Years of Peace on Earth !

Nenad Bach
Editor in Chief
Glavni urednik

Croatian World Network -
Hrvatska Svjetska Mreza

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