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(E) Croatian Critical Mass in New York and Elsewhere
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/11/2005 | Editorials | Unrated
(E) Croatian Critical Mass in New York and Elsewhere


Croatian Critical Mass in New York and Elsewhere


The block is lifted from the bottom of the sea.

Moment to create a blueprint for the Croatian Community

Jana, Vegeta, Kras, Klapa.

Year and a half ago, I organized a meeting of doers in Croatian Community of New York with an intention to create a blueprint of what the community could and should be. To be more organized, coordinated and more efficient. That subject included: welcome to Croatians who come to New York for the first time, to funeral procedures when someone dies in New York and the family needs to arrange transport to Our Beautiful, during the emotional stress. Data base. From mostly culture to the business and food and etc. That was year and a half ago. Critical Mass didn't happen at that time and moment, but it is happening right now.


I will probably miss a lot, but as well list a lot of great things that are happening right now. Few days ago, we had a sale out of the Movie Theater for the film 'Ta Divna Splitska Noc'. Half of the audience, didn't get an opportunity to see the film, shocked that the tickets have been sold. Thanks to a good organization of Doors-Art Foundation, but as well our Critical Mass.Film Festival is continuing every first Thursday of the month.We have a successful now to be biweekly newspaper Croatian Chronicle with a reputable and a consistent edition. We have Mario Gallery that will co-host Queens Film Festival. We have Croatian American Academy celebrating 53rd year. We have regular Golf Outings that are beneficial for the whole community ( a great example of how to organize something that will be beneficial for Croatia as well as our new homeland - America). From janjetina to golf. One doesn't exclude the other, but that is a quantum leap. Three Radio programs in New York, some 30 years and counting. We have a first serious attempt to put Klapa singing on a world stage. Besides 200 NPR radio stations, Klapa Sinj and myself will perform at the America's best venues. We have Jana Water  that came to America in a big style. I heard that Target took Jana's products for the next year. We have NBC who just came back from Croatia, showing THE New Riviera to 300 million Americans. I was at ABC recently as a guest and they showed a great deal of interest in Croatia. New York Book Club in progress. Cultural Thursday at the Croatian Center. We have two priests, who are willing. We have a Critical Mass. The block is lifted from the bottom of the sea. Let's not let it go back. We need to lift it to the surface and then land it. For those who sit on the block, better move your ass, help lifting or just step aside. Do not drive 30 miles per hour on a highway if you are first in a row or on the top of the pyramid. Where are direct flights from The USA to Croatia. Why is this not happening? Who is responsible for that? Now that we are officially THE world tourist destination what is there to wait for? Coordinate your events and help each other. Maybe now is the moment to create a blueprint for the Croatian Community.


Svako dobro,

Nenad Bach


On a world stage we have an enormous talent (from amazing Ivan Ljubicic, now in Shanghai, that came to 4 finals and captured two. Now 8th in the world, Sanya Matejas on CBS on Monday. Davis Cup finals, in three weeks, Mario Preskar boxing his way to the top...hey, we need help, just to list all the success.) We also see Los Angeles community with Udruga being reborn. London (England) community on a steady path, Chicago's potential to be seen. (success of  Ivica Grgic's website), San Francisco - San Jose community doing very well. Switzerland community working steady like a Swiss watch....we need to help few long standing Croatian Brands to succeed in the world, to become world brands. Jana, Vegeta, Kras, Klapa.


Add your own thought. Napisite sto vi

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