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(E) Ante Gotovina
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/17/2011 | Editorials | Unrated
(E) Ante Gotovina

 Originally published December 24, 2005


Ante Gotovina





I do not know much about this man. What I do know is, when the barbaric hordes from the east bulldozed our Croatian graveyards, leveled our churches, raped our women as a tactics and weapon of war, this man among many others stood to defend Our Beautiful. The fact is that the Europe as a community stood by and watched, better to say encouraged barbaric hordes to finish what they started. This same Europe is giving us conditions, not to include us in their 'civilized community', but to buy us out like a banana republic. Most of the strategic industries are already bought thanks to spineless politicians or/and people who took advantage at the moment of war and confusion. If he wasn't a hero during the war and by all accounts that I know, he was, then today he became one. Official stand on the issue, the way I see the history and truth is still nowhere in sight. Wealth of information and poverty of attention, especially for the issues that are beneficial to many. Selfish subjects, like traveling with the first class or economy... are solved quickly. Enough said.


Shower Ante with love and affection. We Will Win. Nenad Bach


Ante Gotovina
P.O. Box 13888
2501 EW The Hague
The Netherlands


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  • Comment #1 (Posted by bozhidar baljkas)

    milisav seklulic, RSK general, i his book, Knin je pao u Beogradu, says that one the worst possible decisions RSK leadership made was to order evacuation of all serbs from 'krajina' single quotes are mine and which actually took place even before and not only during oluja or just after.

    thus, i do not think the icty was correct in accusing croat'n generals or croat'n govt for expelling serbs while in fact it had been an ordered evacuation.

    i do not know whether the defense team for gotovina and markach knew of sekulic' book and the passage in question.
    sorry about forgetting to mark the p. containing sekulic; statement about the evacuation order.

    it also puzzles me no end that, according peter galbraith, serb leadership refused to accept Z-4 plan document, which proved beyond a reasonable doubt that serbs did not want to live in any croatia, anyway.
    and serb soldiers, many of which committed crimes against croat'ns from late '90 to 95, did not want to leave their families behind.

    if these facts had been presented at den hague, i just cannot see, how the court cld have sentenced gotovina and markach for a nonexistent crime; namely, forced expulsion of serbs.

    yes, croat'n govt and/or police are guilty of killing civilians, looting, and burning homes. thanks bozhidar

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