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(E) Arlene Martinolic Kelly: American of Croatian descent
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/20/2004 | Dear Nenad | Unrated
(E) Arlene Martinolic Kelly: American of Croatian descent


Hello!....I am so happy to see this base of information on Croatia on
the Net!....My maternal grandparents came from the Dalmatian Coast (Mali
Losinj and Veli Losinj) at around the turn of the last century prior to
World War I. They settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and started a
social club stiil in existence called The Adriatic Club.
They spoke Italian, considered themselves "Austrian", but, as I found
out only after their deaths, were actually Croatian!....My Grandfather's
name was Adamo Martinolic and My grandmother's maiden name was
pronounced like "Jurich", but my mother said her immigration papers
spelled it more like "Hzrich"..
In any case, I have always been interested in my Croatian heritage. My
family only recently discovered the precise towns in which the
grandparents were born (They called the towns "Lussine Picolo and
Lussine Grande" - their names in Italian, apparently).
....I understand that these places "Mali Losinj" and "Veli Losinj" are
quite beautiful and are popular tourist destinations. I intend to visit
them, hopefully sometime this year, and will attempt to do a little
genealogical searching.
...Thank you for creating this site...I certainly feel more "rooted" at
learning so much more of Croatian history and culture...(It's not that I
know a lot, it's just that until somewhat recently, I knew next to nothing!
Please keep my email address for any further notices, or information.
And thanks again.

Arlene Martinolic Kelly

Dear Arlene,

Welcome ! Dobrodosli, to the Croatian, Honorary Croatian and Friends of Croatia, World community
Participate and enjoy,

Svako dobro, All the best,

p.s. After over 1000 "Dear Nenad" letters, I finally decided to open that category.
Thank you for all your kind comments and praise, so good that it was embarrassing to publish them.

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