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(E) Measurement Converter
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/15/2003 | Data | Unrated
(E) Measurement Converter


Measurement Converter

Convert From:
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Examples: 5 kilometers, 12 feet/sec^2,
1/5 gallon, 9.5 Joules, or 0 dF. Help, Frequently Asked Questions,
Use Currencies in Conversions,
Measurements & Currencies Recognized Examples: miles, meters/s^2,
liters, kilowatt*hours, or dC.

Conversion Result:
kilogram = 35.2739619495804 ounce

Related Measurements:
Try converting from "1 kilogram" to AMU (atomic mass unit), arroba (Mexican arroba), bes (Roman bes), bowling ball, dram (avoirdupois dram), dram ap (apothecary dram), earth mass, funt (Russian funt), Greek obolos, hyl, kg (kilogram), kin (Japanese kin), obol (Greek obol), oz ap (apothecary ounce), quintal, Roman talent, scruple (apothecary scruple), short quarter, short ton, Spanish quintal, or any combination of units which equate to "mass" and represent mass.
Sample Conversions:
1 kilogram = 3.06 as (Roman as), 34.29 assay ton, .13778891 bowling ball, 1.65 catty (Chinese catty), .0029395 cotton bale Egypt, .01 doppelzentner, 232.98 drachma2 (Greek drachma), 257.21 dram ap (apothecary dram), 257.21 dram troy (troy dram), 1,000 gram, 1,397.86 Greek obolos, 1 kg (kilogram), 2.04 livre (French livre), .00098421 long ton (avoirdupois long ton), .001 metric ton, 32.15 oz troy (troy ounce), 2 pfund (German pfund), 2.68 pound ap (apothecary pound), .02204623 UK quintal (British quintal), 36.74 uncia (Roman uncia).

Feedback, suggestions, or additional measurement definitions?
Please read our Help Page and FAQ Page then post a message or send e-mail. Thanks!

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