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(E) Find your Croatian roots in the world
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/15/2003 | Data | Unrated
(E) Find your Croatian roots in the world


Find your Croatian relative in the world

 Preiss, Preskar, Prijatelj, Skebe, Volf, Ozbolt, Princip, Psenicnik, Stupac, Puharic, Puljevic, Buljevic, Jelena Puz. Andro Ruzic, Pusic, Mihaljevic

This site was created on 10th January 2000 and is dedicated to the memory of Omica ...
... my grandmother Olga Gersy, who died eleven years ago on this day - 10th January 1989, aged 94 - after a lifetime of giving and loving



Posted by: Ivana Preiss on September 16, 2000

Name: Engelbert Preiss
Location: Podravska Slatina (?)

It is supposed that he came to Croatia from Austria, and that he was a soldier in austrian-hungarian army. Probably he came here between 1900 and 1910. He probably was a Jew. He married a catholic woman and had five children. He was killed in the First world war.



Posted by: Cyndie Preskar on April 4, 2002

Name 1: Preskar
Name 2: Skebe
Location: Zuzemberk; Sveti Kriz

Joseph Preskar died age 45 circa 1932 and lived in America for 15 years before and married Ana Skebe from Zuzemberk in America and had 6 children. He died from being kicked in the stomach by a cow.

If anyone knows any information or knows any relatives, please contact me. Thank you!



Posted by: Tea Vogric on September 21, 2001

Name 1: Prijatelj
Name 2: Volf, Ozbolt
Location: Trsce, Cabar, Gerovo

Gabrijela Volf, b.1893, lived with her family in Trsce. There she meets Franjo Prijatelj, b.1880 or 1881 in Male Lascice, Slovenia. Moved to Milanov vrh, where in 1913 and 1914 had two boys, Franc and Zdrvako, both decesed in 1918, 1919 in Velike Lasce, Slovenia. In 1920 had girl Danica in Milanov vrh and in 1922 had girl Ruza Zdenka in Ivankovo near Vinkovci. After WW1 lived in Slovenia, he died in Dahau concentration camp in 1945.
Searching for birth records of F.Prijatelj and all records for Volf family



Posted by: Princip on November 29, 2001

Name: Princip
Location: Croatia

Zelim skupiti podatke, ako je to dostupno, o mojim predcima.Moje prezime je Princip.



Posted by: Mirjana Psenicnik on August 5, 2001

Name: Psenicnik
Location: Pregrad

I live in Toronto, Canada at the moment. I'm looking for information on my grandfather (Srecko Psenicnik)'s ancestors and his extended family. He was born in Pregrada in 1921 but at the age of 19 went to Italy where he got a degree in Political Sciences. He moved to America where he lived from 1945 on (Argentina, Venezuela and until 1995 in Canada). He moved back in 1995 to Croatia until his death 2 years ago.

If you have any information, about him or his family, it would be wonderful to talk! So please write me!



Posted by: Claudia (Puharich) Mac Bride on April 25, 2001

Name 1: Puharic
Name 2: Stupac
Location: Croatia (?)

Emanuel Puharic, son of Ludovic Puharic and Maria Stupac was born 26 March 1890. Brother, Marion, sisters, Josephine, Nina and Maria. Emanuel came to the USA in the early 1900's. Lived in San Francisco, California,USA. I am his granddaughter and don't have much on dates or places.



Posted by: Puljevic on October 30, 2002 - Find my ancestors

Name 1: Puljevic
Name 2: Buljevic
Location: Metkovic, Croatia

My fathers name is Jerko Puljevic, he was born in Metkovic in 1954, his fathers name was Ante Puljevic his mothers name is Marija Puljevic. He has a brother called Ivan and a sister called Manda.

Please help me find my family tree, my father thinks that our surname used to be Buljevic in the 1800's


...Pusic; Mihaljevic

Posted by: Zdenka on March 8, 2001

Name 1: Pusic
Name 2: Mihaljevic
Location: Croatia (?)

Can anybody help me to find any relatives of Ivan Pusic Roeck and Zdenka Mihaljevic (his wife); they inmigrated to Perú (South America) around 1950.
Best Regards, Zdenka



Posted by Debi Lewis on June 23, 2001 - Descendants of Jelena (Helene) Puz

Name 1: Jelena Puz
Name 2: Andro Ruzic
Location: Croatia

Generation No. 1


1. Jelena (Helene) Puz was born Bef. 1874. She married Andro Ruzic, son of Mate Ruzic and Marija Sepic. He was born Feb 16, 1858, and died Nov 10, 1929
  Children of Jelena Puz and Andro Ruzic:
  i. Andrija "Andy" (2) Ruzic, b. Jul 20, 1887, Austria; d. Sep 20, 1967, Pittsburgh, PA.
  ii. Franjo Ruzic, b. May 30, 1890
2. iii. Jela Ruzic, b. Apr 13, 1892, Yugoslavia / Croatia; d. Resided in PA
3. iv. Josip Ruzic, b. Oct 28, 1893, Puzi (Croatia); d. Mar 28, 1964, Huntington, Cabell, WV
4. v. Anton Ruzic, b. Dec 13, 1895
  vi. Rudolf Ruzic, b. Jun 6, 1897
  vii. Dragutin Ruzic, b. Jul 20, 1905
  viii. Ludvik Ruzic, b. Jun 13, 1909

Generation No. 2


2. Jela (2) Ruzic (Jelena (Helene)1 Puz) was born Apr 13, 1892 in Yugoslavia / Croatia, and died in Resided in PA
  Child of Jela Ruzic:
  i. Daughter Russick, b. of Youngstown, PA
3. Josip (2) Ruzic (Jelena (Helene)1 Puz)1 was born Oct 28, 1893 in Puzi (Croatia), and died Mar 28, 1964 in Huntington, Cabell, WV. He married Hazel Skaggs Mar 30, 1935 in Huntington, Cabell Co, WV (by Orville Holley), daughter of Bernard Skaggs and Sarah Caudill. She was born Abt. 1910 in Hitchins, Carter Co, KY, and died Mar 30, 1999 (on her birthday)
  Children of Josip Ruzic and Hazel Skaggs:
  i. Helen (3) Russick, b. Abt. 1935; m. George Tomlin
  ii. Mary Russick, b. Dec 20, 1937; m. (1) Stephen (1) Biss; b. Jul 28, 1941, CA; d. Jul 1975; m. (2) Michael Macera
  iii. Joann Russick, b. Jul 2, 1939, Huntington, Cabell, WV; m. Jerrald Roland Lewis, Jun 27, 1959, Huntington, Cabell, WV 25704; b. Mar 22, 1939, Huntington, Cabell, WV
  iv. Orpha Russick, b. Btn. 1940 - 1947; m. Jerry Henson
  v. Jerry Ray Russick, b. Aug 7, 1948; d. Nov 3, 1962, Huntington, Cabell, WV 25704
4. Anton (2) Ruzic (Jelena (Helene)1 Puz) was born Dec 13, 1895. He married Marije Kalcic 1920.
  Children of Anton Ruzic and Marije Kalcic are:
  i. Robert (3) Ruzic, b. Jan 15, 1923; d. Aug 14, 1989, N.Gorica, Gortanova Street 23, Slovenia
  ii. Marija Ruzic, b. Apr 1, 1928; m. Joseph Krt, Jan 16, 1950, Mucici

Endnotes 1. Cabell County Records - Marriage Books, Book 5, p275 (#10).

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Genealogy in Croatia

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