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(E) Harry Potter and We are Family
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/18/2001 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Harry Potter and We are Family
Dear All, 
I am happy to share two personal accomplishments TODAY. I worked on Harry 
Potter ( Warner Brothers/One Voice) as an analyst, reviewer, advisor on 
Croatian language for Literary & Film projects for the first four books of 
Harry Potter, during the last year. But today, November 16th, 2001, is the 
premier of the first film, so it feels good. 
Also, I participated in the recordings of We Are Family CD and scored (wrote 
music) for the one hour TV special of "The Making and Meaning of We Are 
Family." CD is on sale worldwide. Globalvision is still working on DVD that 
will include the film that is directed by Danny Schechter. 
Charm comes in three and I hope that I will sign another contract today, that 
is in progress for some time. Keep fingers crossed. Don't ask how I do all of 
this (that is the most asked question). 
I don't know either. My family do. 
Nenad Bach 
WE ARE FAMILY is an expression of concern and a celebration of our common 
humanity. It is not political. It takes no stands except one: Our world 
culture needs to hear more voices of tolerance and to insure that prejudice, 
racism and blind revenge should never become an acceptable action, and should 
not now be an accepted response. 
Our country is in pain. Many have lost friends, family, and a part of a city 
they loved. We know that everyone wants to help, and millions of dollars are 
being raised for relief and recovery. 
Yet, individuals are suffering losses that money can never replace. Our 
society needs relief too. We need inspiration and unifying messages to help 
heal a stunned and traumatized nation that, in its best moments, has shown 
the beautiful ways people can help and love each other. It is time for all of 
us who treasure our most fundamental American ideals to do everything 
possible to promote tolerance. The obligation and responsibility of 
patriotism is not just to defend our country from outside enemies but also to 
ensure our principles are not challenged or compromised from within. 
Like justice, debate and free expression, diversity and freedom of religion 
are also values we must defend. We need to hear each other and not demonize 
each other. 
On Saturday, September 22, 2001, in response to the devastating attack on New 
York, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania, over 150 celebrities came together in 
unity and strength of purpose to re-record the Sister Sledge classic "We Are 
Family." The song is a celebration of our common humanity, a theme song to 
unite our nation and the world. This celebrity version includes performances 
by Diana Ross, Patti LaBelle, Luther Vandross, Roberta Flack, Ashford & 
Simpson, Dionne Warwick and many other top singers, actors and sports 
figures. It was produced by Nile Rodgers and co-executive produced by Tom 
Silverman for Tommy Boy Music and SumThing Else Musicworks. Spike Lee shot 
the music video and there will be a one-hour documentary available soon. 
The WE ARE FAMILY PROJECT DONATES proceeds from the sale of the record to 
well run, non-profit relief, educational, legal defense and tolerance 
promoting activism. Funds will be shared by The American Red Cross and the 
Cantor-Fitzgerald Relief Fund. For more information, contact: 
To learn more about the worthwhile organizations below, check out each 
group's website. Get involved and help spread the message of compassion, 
caring, and tolerance. 
American Red Cross 
Cantor-Fitzgerald Relief Fund 
The new release is available on CD and can be purchased at CDNOW. You can 
also purchase the download from our friends at Liquid Audio. Either way, it's 
a great way to contribute and get a historical recording in return! 
May May Ali 
Lamya Almughery 
Michael Amante 
Angela Ammons 
Laurie Anderson 
Nick Ashford 
Nenad Bach 
Jerry Barnes 
Milton Barnes 
Windy Barnes 
Afrika Bambaataa 
Tony Barowiak 
Tyson Beckford 
Gina Belafonte 
Polly Bergen 
Big Guess 
Big Syke 
Howard Bingham 
Stephen Bishop 
Black Child 
Nelson Botwinick 
Elton Brand 
Jackson Browne 
Be Be Buehl 
Kim Burrell 
David Canary 
Harry Wayne Casey 
Bryan Chan 
Jen Chapin 
Ed Cherney 
Patricia Cisarano 
Francesco Clemente 
Jim Courier 
Macaulay Culkin 
Donna D'Cruz 
E.G. Daily 
Alia M. Davis 
Taylor Dayne 
Gavin Degraw 
Taye Diggs 
Carmen Electra 
Quentin Elias 
Faith Evans 
Roberta Flack 
Jeffrey Gaines 
Cynthia Garrett 
Leif Garrett 
Siedah Garrett 
GiGi Gaston 
Gin Gator 
Gina Gershon 
Deborah Gibson 
Rod Gilbert 
David Goldschmitt 
Mac Gollehon 
Jay Gordon 
Joel Gray 
Niki Haris 
David Hasselhoff 
Sophie B. Hawkins 
Catherine Hickland 
Richard Hilton 
JD Hinton 
Lamar Holmes 
Lemel Humes 
Nancy Hunt 
Desiree Jackson 
Mark Jackson 
Alexander Jones 
Annabelle Jones 
Ann Jones 
Jamie Jones 
Martina Jones 
Mick Jones 
Jonas Josiah 
Milla Jovovich 
KC and the Sunshine Band 
Scott Kelliner 
Delion Kennedy 
Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan 
Angelique Kidjo 
Eartha Kitt 
Patti LaBelle 
Ernie Lake 
Queen Latifah 
Kenny Lattimore 
Hen Lee 
Spike Lee 
Lisa Leslie 
Ananda Lewis 
Lisa Ling 
Rebecca Lobo 
Jimmy Locust 
Audra Lomax 
Edith Lutnick 
Lisa Lyle 
Cheb Mami 
Jesse L. Martin 
Lorelei McBroom 
John McEnroe 
Joey McIntyre 
Lalisha McLean 
Akissa A. Mendez 
Michael J. Miller 
Mike Miller 
Stephanie Mills 
Brian Stokes Mitchell 
Mathew Modine 
Chante Moore 
Raul Morales 
Ms. Shabazz 
Min. Benjamin Muhammad 
Alfred Nevarez 
Danny Boy O'Connor 
Joan Osborne 
Mae Pang 
Rosie Perez 
Richard Perry 
Bernadette Peters 
Rich Picciatto 
Kate Pierson 
Anita Pointer 
Bonnie Pointer 
June Pointer 
Ruth Pointer 
Maury Povich 
Nathan Purdee 
Peter Rauhofer 
Rev. Right Time and the First Cousins of Funk 
Rev. Run 
Denise Rich 
Deleon Richards 
Calvin Richardson 
Nile Rodgers 
Felipe Rose 
Bubble Share Ross 
Diana Ross 
Darius Rucker 
Marcus Schenkenberg 
Fred Schneider 
Roxanne Seeman 
Taja Seville 
Molly Shannon 
Sylver Logan Sharp 
Gary Sheffield 
Jamie Lynn Sigler 
Ella Silverman 
Zoe Silverman 
Valerie Simpson 
Bill Sims Jr. 
Mongo Slade 
Cathy Sledge 
Debbie Sledge 
Joni Sledge 
Kathy Sledge 
Kim Sledge 
Erika Slezak 
Richard Smallwood 
Hillary B. Smith 
Patti Smyth 
Phoebe Snow 
Angie Stone 
KT Sullivan 
Tony Terry 
Carl Thomas 
Fonzi Thorton 
Nestor Torres 
Aida Turturro 
Little Steven Van Zandt 
Iyanla Van Zant 
Luther Vandross 
Tata Vega 
Gerardo Velez 
Tom Viscount 
Vitamin C 
Dionne Warwick 
Martha Wash 
Teresa Weatherspoon 
Corey Williams 
Deniece Williams 
Montel Williams 
Nick Wiz 
Norwood Young 
Rick Yune 
Malik Yusef 
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