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(E) Positiv vibration at the relation Croatia - Liechtenstein - Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/18/2001 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Positiv vibration at the relation Croatia - Liechtenstein - Croatia
Ladies and Gentlemen. Dear Mr. municipality Chief and President of the 
Culture Adviser Office of the Principal Government. Very honoured 
representatives of the Embassy 
and the Consulate of the Republic of Croatia in Switzerland*. Loves family 
It is a large honour for me, here and today, tell You a few words about my 
pictures, which are shown on the Calendar of the municipality** Ruggell. 
Perhaps I tell also a few 
things in addition. It makes me extraordinarily happy that I could carry out 
this small artistic project and therefore I want just say thanks to 
municipality Chief Jakob Buechel. The motives of the municipality, it adopted 
me officially one year ago, I have been know already for a long time, but now 
I could experience them again, first in the Natives, and then on my canvases. 
And it did well to my internal. 
This type of the painting, which is for the viewer at the start of its 
regarding equal understandable, I don't use in my newer works. But my current 
artistically reaction, to 
understand it correctly, I would like to say that I react in such a way from 
time to time, for only one reason: I look it back, to check how far forward I 
However, funny was the reaction of one of my acquaintance. He knows also my 
other works and recently he asked himself, if he saw these pictures: What is 
now the matter 
with him? Does he paint now suddenly also like Mrs. Mueller and Mrs. Meier? 
Naturally, thus is meant whether I'm lost a little and sold myself for only 
few Franks (CHF) and paint now as everyone and everyone. Still I enjoy the 
liberty to deciding me which 
I will pictorial do and give everyone the chance to invent on it theirs 
Stories. And it will be always like that. I use the opportunity to thank, 
first of all to Yvonne, but then also to her family, for theirs goodness. 
I would like to thank also at the culture commission of the municipality, 
which, a few years ago, supported idea of my wife and me. It concerned a 
financial support of the 
interior creating of the chapel on the today's property of the family Alois 
and Manuela Hoop. In this chapel are one picture and three wood figures of 
my two acquaintance***, academically trained artists from my first homeland - 
I reported about it in an issue of the Croatian Newspaper "Hrvatski 
dijasporski list". Thus Two from Ruggell became still more well-known. The 
chapel and the woman. I am 
genuinely glad that I, or better said WE succeeded, to place on legs 
something from positive vibrations at the relation Croatia - Liechtenstein - 
Croatia. With very few means and almost exclusively with the strength of our 
good will. Here some proofs for it - (I gave to show to the guests my 
Interviews with the Mrs. Dr. Andrea Willi, 
former culture minister and minister of foreign affairs from Liechtenstein 
and also interview with Mr. Josef Frommelt, the former director of the 
Liechtenstein school of music and president of the European music school 
union). One of that, for me most important and most interesting moments of 
such efforts, were exhibitions with my artist colleague Arno Oehri from 
Ruggell, this year in Croatia. It will hopefully continue to go also in such 
a way. 
Thanks for your attention. 
Vlado Franjevics laudatio by Promotion of his Artist-Calender of 
Municipality of Ruggel in the Principality of Liechtenstein, 9.11.2001 
* Mr. Josip Spoljaric (Embassy) and Mr. Tony Glowatzky (Consulat) 
** Principality of Liechtenstein is very small country. This country has 11 
municipalities, and that's all. Ruggell is the nordest one and closed to 
Austrias border. (See also: Write also hello to municipality 
chief Mr. Jakob Büchel at: 
*** Zdravko Djerek and Robert Zdarilek 
distributed by CROWN (Croatian World Net) - 
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