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(E) Recent photos of Croatia from Michelle Dunaj
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/25/2001 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Recent photos of Croatia from Michelle Dunaj
FDear Michelle, 
I do know writer who needs pictures from Croatia for his new book to be 
I saw your pictures and they are besides being all of them very beautiful, 
many with the artistic approach (waves and the frame that I find very 
artistic. Clean and simple, the is and it should be). Congratulations and 
thank you very much for this generous offer. Since CROWN do not send pictures 
over the net (Virus reasons) but will put them on the web when that will be 
in function, I suggest that people who are interested in these photos to 
email you directly. They won't regret. How beautiful is Our Beautiful. Bravo! 
Nenad Bach 
Here are some pictures for you! Hope that you enjoy. 
Michelle Dunaj 
(See attached file: Beautiful Split Croatia.jpg) 
(See attached file: Roof_top_Dubrovnik.jpg) 
(See attached file: Dubrovnik3_1998.jpg) 
(See attached file: Dubrovnik2_1998.jpg) 
(See attached file: Dubrovnik_1998.jpg) 
(See attached file: Krocula_Croatia.jpg) 
(See attached file: Dubrovnik_Window.jpg) 
(See attached file: Waterfalls.jpg) 
(See attached file: Waterfall9.jpg) 
(See attached file: Waterfall4.jpg) 
(See attached file: Waterfall5.jpg) 
(See attached file: Waterfall8.jpg) 
(See attached file: Waterfall10.jpg) 
(See attached file: Waterfall6.jpg) 
(See attached file: Waterfall2.jpg) 
Subject: [CROWN] (E) recent photos of Croatia available 
distributed by CROWN (Croatian World Net) - 
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