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(E) The Univ. Library of Rijeka invites you to Ex-Libris Exhibition
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/25/2001 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) The Univ. Library of Rijeka invites you to Ex-Libris Exhibition
Dear friends, 
The University Library of Rijeka invites you to see the Third International 
Ex-Libris Exhibition «Old Scripts» which will be opened on Tuesday 6th 
November 2001. The invitation is enclosed hereto. Participating in this 
Exhibition are 332 authors from 42 countries with 746 ex-libris. The text of 
the invitation and list of awarded authors, as well as the catalog of this 
Exhibition can be found on the E pages of the University Library of Rijeka ( 
On this occasion the original speeches of the distinguished Latinist, _imun 
Ko_i_i_ Benja, that he gave at the Lateran Council in 1512 and 1516 will also 
be exhibited, wherein he describes the horrible sufferings of Croatian and 
its people under the Ottomans, and his appeals for aid which came from 
nowhere. Besides, only on the opening evening, one will be able to see the 
editions of the printing-office that this banished bishop set up in Rijeka 
Psalter, 1530/1531 (reprint from 1976) 
The Roman Office, Rijeka 1530 (the original is property of the National and 
University Library) 
Misal hruacki (Croatian Missal), 1531 (the original is property of the 
National and University Library) 
Book of the Cross, Rijeka, 1531 (reprint from 1984) 
Book about the lives of Roman popes and emperors (Knji_ice od _itija rimskih 
arhierjeov i cesarov), Rijeka, 1531 (original-fragments, property of HAZU) 
Book on the Character of a Member of Monastic Order (Od bitija redovni_koga 
knji_ice), Rijeka, 1531 (photocopy of first page) 
This Exhibition is organized thanks to the good will and understanding of NSK 
and HAZU, as well as CROATIA Osiguranje, Branch-office Rijeka. 
This Ex-Libris Exhibition is planning to make guest appearances. Hence the 
first guest appearance is to take place in Berlin as a sideshow of the main 
exhibition of the heritage of Glagolitic script and Croatian literature: 
"Three Languages and Three Scripts of One Nation" at the Staatsbibliothek in 
the beginning of 2002. The exhibit is easy to transport and the catalog is 
printed bilingually (Croatian and English). Thereafter the plan is to 
organize guest appearances in Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. We welcome all 
possibilities for guest appearances abroad. 
If any of our friends from the AMAC network wish to have the catalog they can 
place an order 
This is one of the ways of expressing our Croatian awareness and our place in 
the world. As to how successful we have been in this sense, we leave that to 
the decision of the numerous visitors to this Exhibition and to our E pages. 
We also invite our dear friends of the AMAC network to visit us. Soon the E 
pages of the University Library of Rijeka will come out with a virtual 
exhibition of Glagolitic script as an electronic reflection of the actual 
exhibition that has for 33 years now since it was first put up been a display 
of this theme that is unique in the world. 
Juraj Lokmer 
Visit their: 
If you travel go and see the exhibition ! 
Support our Croatian Cultural heritage. Bravo Rijeka ! 
Nenad Bach 
distributed by CROWN (Croatian World Net) - 
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