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(E) Croatian American Family Hosts 1 out of 1000 Dinners
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/2/2001 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Croatian American Family Hosts 1 out of 1000 Dinners
Croatian American Family Hosts A Successful Benefit Dinner 
To Raise Funds For Demining in Croatia 
(December 1, 2001 - North Potomac, MD) - On November 30th, 2001, over forty 
guests attended the benefit dinner at the Steve Rukavina residence in North 
Potomac, Maryland. This "Night of a Thousand Dinners" was the first of what 
will become an annual event as part of the international initiative and 
social movement worldwide to raise funds to make the world mine-safe and 
This Maryland fundraising dinner was coordinated through the Washington, D.C. 
based organization, the National Federation of Croatian Americans Cultural 
Foundation (NFCA). The featured guest speaker was Richard Kidd, IV, from the 
Bureau of Political and Military Affairs at the US Department of State. Mr. 
Kidd, is a foreign affairs officer with significant experience with the 
landmine problems in Southeast Europe and Afghanistan. Also, Dr. Kresimir 
Pirsl, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia, 
Jackie Hanson of the International Committee to Ban Landmines and Jason 
Rukavina of the NFCA, addressed the well-fed crowd about the pressing 
challenge and crisis with landmines around the world. The Croatian section of 
the Voice of America, attended and interviewed several of the guest speakers. 
"I was pleased that we raised close to $4,500 with the matching funds 
available for demining in Croatia arranged through the Adopt-A-Minefield 
organization. It was a fun night, with a great crowd and Chef Ivo Svircic was 
the hero of the night with his on-site preparation of superb Croatian 
dishes", said Jason Rukavina, co-host of this benefit event with his father, 
Steve Rukavina. The Embassy of the Republic of Croatia donated most of the 
food for this benefit dinner. 
All funds raised at the North Potomac dinner will be contributed to the 
Adopt-A-Minefeld organization and then earmarked for demining operations in 
Croatia and thus, will qualify for U.S. government matching funds. This 
global dinner effort was arranged by the Canadian Landmine Foundation (CLF) 
and the United Nations Association of the USA to raise awareness and funds 
for groups like Adopt-A-Minefield, based in New York. 
"This fundraising dinner was a new challenge for me and my first serious 
attempt at organizing an event that benefits a Croatian cause, and overall it 
was very satisfying that it was so successful. I hope more Croatian Americans 
will plan and participate in next year's round of global dinners," concluded 
Jason Rukavina. 
On this somber day when we lost George Harrison, I felt a great satisfaction 
that the third generation of Croatian Americans are involved in such a 
precious cause, to show that we care and that we can make a difference. We 
found friends in organizations like Adopt-A-Minefield and Roots of Peace, who 
selflessly help our country without asking for any rewards. These 
contributions that will come from all over the world will show them that we 
are as well committed to the cause. Great job Jason and all of you unnamed 
who contributed. 
Love and Light in the spirit of George Harrison ! 
Nenad Bach 
editor in chief 
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