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(E) Croatian composer at Sundance
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/6/2002 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Croatian composer at Sundance
Globalvision is pleased to announce that its new documentary film WE ARE 
FAMILY, directed by company Executive Producer Danny Schechter, with music by 
Nenad Bach, has been selected for screening in the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL. 
The screening will be part of a special program showcasing films produced in 
response to the attacks of 
September llth. 
WE ARE FAMILY, available in 60- and 90-minute versions, chronicles the 
remaking of the classic 1979 hit song WE ARE FAMILY by more than 200 
well-known artists, actors, sports figures and other personalities, as a call 
for tolerance and healing on a global 
basis. The song, by veteran record-maker NILE RODGERS (Madonna, Chic, David 
Bowie, etc.), is released in association with Tommy Boy Records. The film 
also incorporates a music video directed by Spike Lee. 
"The stars behind the remake of "WE ARE FAMILY" wanted Nenad Bach to 
appear in it and were thrilled when he provided original music for the 
documentary," says Director Danny Schechter. "They all knew of Nenad's 
haunting anti-war anthem "CAN WE GO HIGHER?" released during the war against 
Croatia and Bosnia, and his participation in 
Pavarotti's internationally broadcast charity concert for the children of 
war. " 
Bach is one of 200 artists who sing on the record, and is also featured in 
the documentary comparing the shock of the attacks of September llth, to the 
pain suffered by the Croatian people when they were attacked so savagely. WE 
ARE FAMILY offers a searching exploration into the feelings people all over 
the world . 
The WE ARE FAMILY project will benefit various organizations, including the 
Red Cross, that are directly serving victims of the September 11th attacks. 
It is also helping fund groups that defend victims of prejudice and racial 
attacks and promote tolerance in the 
wake of the incident. 
Globalvision's cameras covered recording sessions in New York and Los Angeles 
that drew stars from popular music like Diana Ross, Luther Vandross, Patti 
Labelle, Jackson Browne, Roberta Flack, Little Steven and Run DMC; actors 
such as Macaulay Caulkin, Matthew, Modine and Rosie Perez; and athletes like 
baseball player Gary Sheffield, tennis playerJohn McEnroe and basketball 
stars Rebecca Lobo and Mark Jackson. 
"WE ARE FAMILY has a message and a mission: to build bridges between 
our communities and to reaffirm that we all live in a global family," says 
Globalvision President Rory O'Connor. "It's the kind of coming together of 
great artists with a great cause that our company has worked on throughout 
its history." 
"We are thrilled to show WE ARE FAMILY at Sundance because it is a 
contagious experience," adds Tom Silverman, founder of Tommy Boy 
Music and co-executive producer of the film project. "We value their 
creativity and commitment." 
Director of Production Kelly Sheehan has supervised a dynamic team 
that includes Senior Producer and co-Director Patrice O'Neill, known 
for the film "Not In Our Town" and many other PBS specials, Producer 
Brian Dentz, and Globalvision's chief editor, Kozo Okamura. 
Director Danny Schechter is an Emmy award-winning veteran of CNN and 
ABC's 20/20 and has produced profiles of such musicians as Bruce 
Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Tina Turner. He shared an International 
Documentary Association Award for "The Making of Sun City," the hit 
song by artists protesting South African apartheid in l986. He is 
the director of numerous other award-winning documentary films, 
including "The Making of Give Peace a Chance" and five films with 
then-South African President Nelson Mandela. Schechter's latest film 
in production is "Counting on Democracy," the untold story of the 
Florida Presidential election in 2000. 
For more information about Globalvision, visit 
For more about WE ARE FAMILY, visit 
Danny Schechter 
Executive Editor 
Executive Producer, Globalvision.Inc 
1600 Broadway, #700 NY NY 10019 USA 
Danny Schechter 
Executive Producer, Globalvision 
Executive Editor, THE MEDIA CHANNEL 
1600 Broadway #700 
New York, N.Y. 10019 
212 246-0202x3006 
Fax: 212:246-2677 
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