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(E) Ground Zero in Vukovar - Roots of Peace
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/6/2002 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Ground Zero in Vukovar - Roots of Peace
Dear Nenad, 
It was both a personal and professional pleasure to see you in San Francisco 
last month. As we discussed, the profound experience of walking through the 
mined vineyards of "Ground Zero in Vukovar" and "Ground Zero in New York" 
during the same month of September 2001 is an image etched in my mind 
forever. The conclusion in my heart is that terrorism knows no borders, and 
the phantom enemy of a landmine represents the most primitive form of terror 
to innocent Croatian farmers and families who yearn for the dignity to 
cultivate their fields. Each landmine removed is a victory against a 
cowardly act of silent terrorism. Death lurks in the fertile soils of 
Croatia, and we must engage the world to assist us in removing these deadly 
seeds of destruction that sow seeds of hatred for future generations. 
As we turn the page to a new year, Roots of Peace is delighted to report 
that we are currently demining the Bibijne Vineyard located near the coastal 
city of Zadar. According to the International Trust Fund (ITF), the CROMAC 
contract was signed on December 7, 2001 through funds raised by 
Croatian-born Miljenko Grgich at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the 
Paris Tasting hosted at Domaine Chandon in the Napa Valley. We are also 
proud to announce that our initial donation of $30,000 was matched by the US 
Government to support our efforts totally $77,000 in demining funds for the 
Bibijne that's a special "global toast to peace" for the new 
year--from MINES TO VINES! 
Jody Williams, 1997 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, joined Dr. Dijana Plestina 
and my son, Brooks, in September 2001 as we toured these mine affected 
vineyards while meeting with the local farmers, whose sole desire was to 
cultivate these bountiful vineyards. We shared the fruits of the first 
harvest season of the new millennium with these Croatian vintners, and 
remain deeply proud that we are now able to return mines to vines in the 
village of Bibijne. We donated these RoP funds in honor of UN 
Secretary-General Kofi Annan on United Nations Day--October 24, 2001--and 
are delighted to see these funds leveraged by the US Government, ITF, and 
CROMAC in such a prompt, effective manner to accelerate demining. 
As we discussed, I would like to plan a traditional "Blessing of the Grapes" 
ceremony during the Spring planting season, when Croatian-born vintner 
Miljenko Grgich will be traveling back to his homeland in early June 2002. 
I would like to propose that we have an ecumenical blessing with leaders of 
the Catholic, Orthodox, and Muslim Church at a special Roots of Peace event 
entitled "Ground Hero" honoring all the public-private partnerships that 
contributed to our efforts to plant the roots of peace. Such an event would 
inspire global citizens to replicate this model in mine affected regions 
throughout the world--whether the grapes are fermented or not! Your gift of 
music could be incorporated into this worldwide celebration, and of course, 
the voices of local children singing cultural songs would add to the 
humanitarian efforts of this special day...deeply inspiring future 
generations in the spirit of hope! 
Please let me know your thoughts, as we weave this global trellis of peace 
With Kindest Regards, 
Heidi Kuhn 
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