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(E)"No Man's Land" received the foreign language film Golden Globe
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/29/2002 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E)"No Man's Land" received the foreign language film Golden Globe
'A Beautiful Mind' Wins Four Globes 
.c The Associated Press 
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) - ``A Beautiful Mind'' was named best drama and 
its star Russell Crowe won the top dramatic actor trophy as the Golden Globes 
rewarded stories of love under the duress of madness, despair and illness. 
``A Beautiful Mind'' collected a leading four Globes Sunday night and was 
followed by triple winner ``Moulin Rouge,'' which was awarded the Globe for 
best musical or comedy and earned a best actress honor for Nicole Kidman. 
If conventional wisdom holds, the Golden Globe recognition will be a boost 
for the Oscar chances of the two films when the Academy Awards are presented 
in March. 
``A Beautiful Mind'' captured the attention of Hollywood Foreign Press 
Association voters with its dramatization of the true-life story of Nobel 
prize-winning John Forbes Nash Jr., a schizophrenic math genius who rebuilds 
his life with the help of his devoted wife. 
``I wanted to give a greater understanding to mental illness,'' said producer 
Brian Grazer. ``And I hope in some way we achieved this.'' 
The film also won for best screenplay and best supporting dramatic actress, 
Jennifer Connelly. 
Although ``A Beautiful Mind'' omits and fictionalizes elements of the Nashes' 
lives, the movie was most concerned with dramatizing the mutual dedication of 
two suffering people, Connelly said. 
``I think the essence of their story is really captured in the film,'' she 
said. ``I think that the Nashes most importantly are happy with it, and that 
it accurately presents their story.'' 
The hyperactive musical ``Moulin Rouge'' blended fantasy storytelling 
techniques and anachronistic pop songs in a tale of forbidden romance. 
Kidman plays a dying cabaret singer wallowing in sadness until a dashing 
romantic, played by Ewan McGregor, sweeps her off her feet. 
``My hands are shaking,'' Kidman said. ``This is really, really special 
because I never thought I'd be in a musical - let alone win an award for 
The supporting dramatic actor honor went to Jim Broadbent for playing the 
husband of novelist Iris Murdoch, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease, in 
Broadbent portrayed writer John Bayley, Murdoch's brilliant but childlike 
husband, who nursed his dying wife as her once-sharp mind deteriorated. 
Robert Altman took the directing honor for his murder-mystery satire 
``Gosford Park,'' which chronicles the scandals of English aristocrats 
through the eyes of their servants. 
Sissy Spacek was named best dramatic actress for the dark drama ``In the 
Bedroom,'' about a husband and wife who must reconcile after a family 
``I feel so blessed to get to do what I love to do and work with so many 
wonderfully talented people,'' Spacek said. 
Gene Hackman earned the comedy actor Globe for his performance as the 
conniving head of a family of former child prodigies in ``The Royal 
Bosnia's ``No Man's Land'' received the foreign language film Globe. Sting 
was the victor in the movie song category for his romantic waltz ``Until 
...,'' from the comedy ``Kate & Leopold.'' 
Absent during this year's telecast were the outrageous antics or remarks that 
have given the Globes notoriety. It showed that Hollywood is largely 
maintaining a toned-down attitude since the Sept. 11 attacks. 
In the television categories, HBO's ``Sex and the City'' took best comedy and 
star Sarah Jessica Parker was cited as best comedic actress. The cable 
network's funeral home drama ``Six Feet Under'' was best drama series. 
Charlie Sheen got the comedic actor award for ABC's ``Spin City.'' 
Kiefer Sutherland's role as a CIA agent in the real-time thriller ``24'' won 
a dramatic TV actor trophy, and Jennifer Garner claimed the dramatic TV 
actress award for playing a sexy spy in ABC's ``Alias.'' 
HBO's World War II drama ``Band of Brothers'' won best miniseries. 
Judy Davis received the miniseries actress award for ABC's ``Life With Judy 
Garland: Me and My Shadows'' and James Franco the miniseries actor prize for 
TNT's ``James Dean.'' 
Harrison Ford, star of the ``Indiana Jones'' adventures and the original 
``Star Wars'' trilogy, took home the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement 
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