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(E) Globalna Hrvatska - Answer to Cultural Neglect
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/8/2002 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Globalna Hrvatska - Answer to Cultural Neglect 
Globalna Hrvatska Answer to Cultural Neglect 
    A Citizens Association Globalna Hrvatska (Global Croatia) held its 
Founding Assembly in Zagreb on January 20, 2002. The Association (Udruga 
Gradjana = NGO) was initiated by Lilijana Domic, top Croatian art and 
literary critic and gallerist, and a major poet, and by Dr. Vladimir P. Goss, 
Croatian-American writer, journalist and art history professor. Among 
founding members are Professor Vladimir Malekovic, Director of the Arts and 
Crafts Museum of Zagreb, painter Miroslav Sutej, Croatian-American painter 
Marko Spalatin, Professor Dr. Zlatko Juric of the Faculty of Arts and 
Sciences and Art Academy,  Judge Edward Damich, Court of Federal Claims, 
Washington, Professor Silvija Letica, head of the Education Department of the 
Croatian Heritage Foundation (Matica hrvatskih iseljenika), Ms. Visnja Boras 
Bedenko, Architect,  Member of the City of Zagreb Preservation of Monuments 
Office, Dr. Nenad Vidovic, a well-known Zagreb attorney. 
    According to the By-Laws, the Association is a voluntary form of citiz 
ens’ association created in order to stimulate, promote and implement 
cooperation between Croatia and the Croats abroad, which together constitute 
Global Croatia, in the fields of art and culture, and in related areas of 
mutual interest. 
    The stated goals of the Association are to stimulate, promote, organize, 
improve and implement cooperation in the field of art and culture (and in 
related areas) between the Homeland and the Croats abroad, i.e., within 
Global Croatia, which is comprised of the constitutional homelands of the 
Croatian people, the Republics of Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 
the Croatian communities around the world; to bring about better mutual 
understanding between the Croatian people at home and the Croatian 
communities abroad, and to support good and fruitful relationship in 
particular in the fields of culture and the arts by spreading information and 
supporting education on all levels in order to improve the knowledge of 
Croatian culture, and to advocate a global approach to Croatian studies. 
    The Association will carry out its activities in a spirit of mutual 
creative cooperation, partnership, and respect within Global Croatia. 
    It will sponsor and promote such activities as exhibitions, lectures, 
round tables, festivals, concerts, performances, readings, symposia, etc., 
introducing to the Homeland Croatian artists and cultural activists from 
abroad, as well as promoting Croatian artists and cultural activists abroad, 
in the countries with substantial Croatian communities, or in any country 
which is interested in the type of activity offered by the Association. 
    The Association will also seek membership for Croatian artists and 
cultural activists from abroad in Croatian professional organizations and 
institutions, and vice versa. It will promote virtual links within Global 
Croatia by the way of the Internet. It will strongly advocate spreading 
knowledge of Global Croatian culture by encouraging programs of studies at 
the institutions of high and higher learning, as well as education of the 
media, both at home and abroad. It intends to create a publication program, 
and a library including electronic media. 
     Membership in Global Croatia is open to individuals and legal 
entities both in Croatia and abroad, as long as they accept the By-Laws of 
the Association. Annual membership fee is a voluntary contribution. 
    Why Global Croatia? 
    According to the initiators, there is a state of insufficient knowledge, 
not to say of total ignorance, in Croatia concerning the art of the Croats 
abroad. And just in Chile there are 150 published writers of Croatian origin. 
In Argentina, Carmen Verlichak has claimed a major literary prize. So also 
have Josip Novakovich, Mary Helen Stefaniak, Melissa Milich, Anthony 
Mlikotin, Alain Horic in the US or Canada; or Amelia Batistich in New 
Zealand. Marko Spalatin is recognized as one of the top US painters of today. 
So also is Anton Cetin in Canada; and Charles Bilich in the Pacific region. 
Until recently there was no systematic program of exhibitions of Croatian 
artists from abroad in Croatia. Not until one such program was proposed and 
initiated by the founders of the Association. Croatian writers from abroad 
have beendenied membership in Croatian writers associations. 
    On the other hand, there are many outstanding Croatian artists and other 
cultural activists who need to be introduced to the world. Recently a top US 
institution proposed to fund a major exhibition of Croatian painting in the 
US there were no takers in Croatia to act as partners. 
    All this, in our opinion, constitutes a major case of cultural neglect, 
and Global Croatia hopes to remedy the situation. 
    Wonders of Croatian culture are still insufficiently known, both inside 
and outside Croatia. The fact that there exists a Global Croatian culture is 
a concept shared by just a few both at home and abroad. Please join us in our 
effort to promote some of the best aspects of Croatia’s past and present. 
    Accept this as our cordial invitation to join. 
Vladimir P. Goss 
919-732-7576 (in the US) 
091-503-0117 (in Croatia) 
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