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(E) WE ARE FAMILY near Ground Zero
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/7/2002 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) WE ARE FAMILY near Ground Zero
invite you 
WE ARE FAMILY DOCUMENTARY with dates and show times below! 
The Screening Room, NYC 
I saw this film at its premiere in NYC and want everyone to see it. 
The documentary premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to a standing ovation. 
The Story: The documentary is an uplifting story about the 9-11 tragedy 
interlaced with footage from a re-recording of Nile Rodgers legendary song We 
Are Family in NYC and LA with over 200 actors and musicians... The story 
combines heartfelt interviews with the actors and musicians speaking about 
the impact of 9-11 on themselves and the world, and is a compelling, 
inspiring and powerful story about how people come together and unite at a 
time of need to speak out for harmony and tolerance. 
Importance: It's really a wonderful film, which I hope will play a role in 
healing the world and building a stronger global community.... 
Who's Who: Emmy Award winner Danny Schechter directed the film, Tom Silverman 
produced the film and Spike Lee directed the music video’Ķ. Among the 200 
participants - Diana Ross, Luther Vandross, Tyson Beckford, Macauley 
Caulkin, Steven Van Zandt, Bernadette Peters, Joel Grey, Patti Labelle, 
Dionne Warwick, Aida Turturro, Roberta Flack, David Hasselhoff, Carmen 
Electra, Taye Diggs, Maury Povitch, Montel Williams, John McEnroe, Mark 
Jackson, Ananda Lewis, Matthew Modine, Rosie Perez, Nenad Bach and many many more. 
In addition, the film features common folk in New York and Los Angeles -- as 
well as pop stars, actors, industry bigwigs -- singing their hearts out and 
sharing their feelings. Rodgers says, "He welcomed people whose lives were 
directly affected and people who were directly affecting our lives." 
Purpose: The film was created as one of the products of the We Are Family 
Foundation (started by Nile Rodgers and Tom Silverman). Legendary 
songwriter/producer Nile Rodgers wrote the song We Are Family, and Sister 
Sledge made it famous, and it remains a song with great meaning for many 
people globally. The film will be used to raise money for the foundation, 
which is both giving money to those impacted by 9-11 and also launching 
educational programs for schools, teachers and parents to raise consciousness 
and broaden understanding about what it takes to work together on global 
tolerance and understanding. 
Hope you can come. Please bring friends and family and tell everyone you know. 
The Screening Room - located at 54 Varrick Street - just blocks from ground 
zero (212 334 2100). 
The film runs from March 8th, for, as many weeks as there are people still 
interested. Please invite friends and family. We want everyone to see the 
Showtimes are: 
Mon -Fri: 2:45; 4:25; 6:10; 8:00 and 9:50 
Sat-Sun: the above plus 1:00 matinee 
Danny Schechter 
Executive Editor 
Executive Producer, Globalvision.Inc 
1600 Broadway, #700 NY NY 10019 USA 
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