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(E) Martin Sheen unveiled first monument honouring Mother Teresa
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/24/2002 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Martin Sheen unveiled first monument honouring Mother Teresa

Monument to Mother Theresa on the Island of Brac

The Eucharistic celebration, officiated by Monsignor Slobodan Stambuk,
which took place at the Church of Annunciation in Supetar, has secured
for the Island of Brac in Croatia a unique place in the world. On this
ocassion, the renown American actor Martin Sheen unveiled the very
first monument honouring Mother Teresa,

"I am very proud that today I am representing my country in instituting
this memorial to one of the most deserving women of all times. Not even
this rain will dampen our spirits and diminish the grandeur of the
moment" said Martin Sheen, while receiving congratulatory handshakes
from the inhabitants of the Island of Brac.

Martin Sheen did not want to dominate the celebration and was constantly
pushing forward Brac's sculptor Petar Jaksic from the village of Donji
Humac who had executed the work. It seems that the famous actor was even
somewhat embarassed by all the attention.

"It is almost two hours that I haven't lit a cigarette. Now I feel at
ease" said Sheen, blowing with content billows of smoke.

Sheen is leaving today Supetar and Brac since the last episodes of The
Benevolence of the Sea, a film directed by Jakov Sedlar, have been shot.

"I am sorry to leave, but I will return real soon. This place is
dazzling!" instead of "good bye" said Martin Sheen.

The popular actor was the initiator of the idea for a monument. How he
got the inspiration to honour Mother Teresa was recounted by Jakov
Sedlar who was constantly by Sheen's side.

"He is a great activist for the rights of small nations. During my stay
in California we were discussing his arrival to Croatia, Sheen mentioned
how it would be splendid to accomplish in a small country like Croatia
something that was not done anywhere else. The discussion took place a
month ago. After that we spoke with the sculptor Jaksic, while the
financial support was given by our countrymen in California, Mr. Marijan
Duzic" said Sedlar.

Translated by Srebrenka Bogovic.

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