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(E) The Croatian National Archives
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/24/2002 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) The Croatian National Archives


The Croatian National Archives


The Croatian National Archives collect, research and arrange records produced by state agencies, 
public institutions, important persons and organisations, from the early middle ages of Croatian 
history. Records are important for all citizens. Besides giving evidence of each person's rights they 
are a significant part of the national cultural heritage.

The history of our country shows that on many occasions we have been exposed to wars, 
earthquakes, floods and similar disasters, including the deliberate destruction of documents carried 
out by various occupying enemy forces.

According to the latest statistical data, 13 archives and other institutions, such as museums, 
libraries and religious communities hold:

81,292 linear metres of conventional archives or 8.618 fonds and collections 

7,000,000 microfilm frames (9,000 reels of negatives) 

600,000 photographs 

18,473,711 metres of film archives 

9,286 records offices are supervised, or 257,194 linear metres of records 
Each type of record requires different preservation conditions, which are usually provided in 
archival repositories.

Problems occur when, because of natural or man-made disasters, records have to be placed 
somewhere else. As in the rest of Europe we do not fear damage to repositories from hurricanes or 
extremely high humidity, but we do fear terrorism, fire, flood, pollution, earthquakes, insects, wars, 
theft and so on. In the event that some or all of these things happen, we need to have emergency 
plans and programmes. 

Source: sro_citra/CroatiaIntro.htm       

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