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(E) Convention Speech by the President of the GH (Global Croatia)
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/16/2002 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Convention Speech by the President of the GH (Global Croatia)


Think globally, act Croatianway

If we follow the maxim : “Nomen est omen” – the name is a sign – we may state that the goals of the Association “Globalna Hrvatska” (Global Croatia) are immediately recognizable. They are equally recognizable from the slogan which we will always emphasize when speaking of the GH: “Think globally, act Croatian way.” We may also pronounce it the other way round: “Think Croatian way, act globally,” but as we should recognize, at the very beginning, uneasiness of small nations about globalization, I must also mention a priori negative comments we have received in conversations about the Association. When I announced the formation of the GH, I have heard, more than once: “Isn’t “Global Croatia” a contradiction in terms? As if the global excludes the Croatian! No, the global does not exclude the Croatian. Better ties among ourselves, better strategy of joint action, of communication, all this, in a presentation of culture or identity depends on ourselves. On the other hand, Croatia cannot and will not exclude the global. Thus “Global Croatia” is not a contradiction in terms, since, when we speak of a Global Croatia, we mean a subject, even a double subject. The global will not exclude the Croatian, if Croatia finds a way to impose itself thorough togetherness, unity of the Croatian home and abroad, through cultural achievements of the home and abroad, and through the knowledge and experience of the home and abroad. In such a way only could we ward off the perils of globalization, and remain a subject in the process. Think globally, act Croatian way is a declarative position of a subject. Yes – a Global Croatia which acts from a position of a subject. Such a Global Croatia is not a Globalized Croatia swallowed by and losing its identity within the Global.
The Global Croatia is, if we want to use figures, twice the size of Croatia – it is the home plus abroad, Croatian people all around the world who see themselves as Croatians, although they may have spent most of their lives abroad, or were even born there as members of the third, fourth... generation. The GH will declare the unity based on mutual recognition, mutual action, on cultural awareness, and, tied to that, on being witness of global extension of Croatian culture. The GH puts forward the subject as a competitive element on the level of cultural and historical identity. This is why we have formed this Association. But we did not invent anything new. Many distinguished Croatian institutions have acted in the same way – the Croatian Academy, the Matica Hrvatska, -- promoting those ideas which focused on the values of the Croatian culture in all its manifestations and diversity. But today’s globalization demands speed, well-prepared presentations, precision, and access to national data bases. We will always give our support to Croatian cultural institutions, museums, galleries, associations, and individuals working on the global affirmation of Croatian culture. This is the base – Mary Helen Stefaniak, Josip Novakovich, Marko Spalatin. Antun Šoljan, Sida Košutić, Miroslav Krleža, Vladimir Nazor, Drago Gervais, Drago Štambuk, Ferdinand Kulmer... Or such figures who may not be Croatian, like Piranesi, but whose exceptional works have been stored in Croatian cultural treasuries, such as the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. Or, Keser, Seder, Secession in Dalmatia...all this comes within the scope of promotion by the GH.
In practical terms, let me announce an exhibition of Anton Cetin in the State Archives and the Kortil Gallery in Rijeka in October, 2002, and a Rijeka-Zagreb exhibition of Marko Spalatin in 2003. Let me thank our first sponsor, the HAK (Croatian Automobile Association) which has generously contributed to the Catalogue of the Cetin exhibit. Outside Croatia, our plans call for finding a venue to exhibit the works of Josip Diminić and of the Museum of Arts and Crafts Piranesi holdings in North America. These are our most immediate goals. Your suggestions and support will be most welcome. 

Lilijana Domić, President

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