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(E) Worldisround Personal Articles - place your photos and stories
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/27/2002 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Worldisround Personal Articles - place your photos and stories


'Personal Articles' on 

Dear friends photographers,please forward to this site any of your
interesting photos of our beautiful Croatia. So far there are some photos and
interesting articles but "Lijepa nasa" Croatia deserves much more.At the
moment I do not have any scaned photos tobe able to participate,but I will
try to scan at least few photos and write descriptive article.I am sure that
our Embassies can help us.

Dragi prijatelji fotografije koji imate vasih fotografija Lijepa nase
Hrvatske molim vas da ih uputite na Worldisround site zajedno sa opisom
predjela kojima ste putovali.Steta da nas predstavljaju stranci koji cesto
neznaju puno o nasoj povijesti pa pisu onako kako im se cine da je
tocno.Moze se i dati spojnica (link) na neke od nasih odlicnih site-ova.
Srdacan pozdrav iz Ottawe,
Vlado Polgar

----- Original Message -----

Hello Vladimir Polgar,

We have introduced a new 'Personal Articles' feature on This feature lets you post and describe
pictures of your family and friends without posting them
on the public board for everyone to view. You can either
e-mail your personal article to people or just orally
invite them to look at your personal article by visiting and typing your name in under "Search for
Articles by Author". Thus, when you create a new article,
you must decide whether it is a 'travel article' (scenery
photos that everyone might be interested in) or a
'personal article' (pictures that only family and friends
would be interested in). Please try out the new feature,
and I'd also be very appreciative if you could mention it
to your friends. Personal articles are a very convenient
way to describe and send photos of family and friends,
and I'd hate to see it go to waste. Thanks.


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