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(E) Croatian Culture in France
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  10/5/2002 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Croatian Culture in France

Croatian Artin France

Today, 3rd October, an exhibition of Edo Murtic is being opened. The vernissage is taking place on 55, rue de la Seine, Paris, at 18.3O. As you know he's one of the most famous Croatian painters, born is 1922, known both for his abstract and figurative painting full of strongcolors.

Tomorrow, 4th October, a lecture will be given at the Université de Paris - Sorbonne (Paris IV) on the occasion of the 5OOth anniversary of the death of FRANJO VRANJANIN, a Croatian sculptor who lived and worked on the Italian and French royal courts. The lecture is entitled Franjo Vranjanin, a master of the Renaissance art in Europe, nobilis magister FRANCISCUS DE LAURANA, sculptor regius, Vrana, about 1420 - Avignon, 1502. 

The lecture takes place in one of the most beautiful lecture rooms at the Sorbonne University, that is to say in the Amphithéâtre Guizot, 17, rue de la Sorbonne, Paris Ve at 18.30 sharp and it isorganized by UNIVERSITE DE PARIS-SORBONNE (PARIS IV), CENTRE DE RECHERCHE EN LITTERATURE COMPAREE, EQUIPE DE RECHERCHE SUR LA CULTURE CROATE ET LES ECHANGES INTELLECTUELS INTERNATIONAUX.

Mr. Henrik HEGER, corresponding member of the Croatian Academy of science and arts, will present : Workshops of the Croatian region of Dalmatia on the court of the king René : a European itinerary of F. Vranjanin Laurana.

Mr. Marc BORMAND, curator of the Sculpture Department of the Louvre will make a presentation on : Laurana - A Renaissance sculptor in the Mediterranean artistic space.

Each presentation will be followed by a musical intermezzo interpreted by Mrs. Catherine Joussellin (voice, viol) andMr. Philippe Gonneaud (lute).

Best regards,
Maja Cioni

Dear Nenad,

I 'm wondering if you would appreciate a piece of news from Paris from time to time? 
I had the honor to meet you a year and a half ago in Paris at Easter just before thebeginning of the great concert of our singers from the island of Hvar. I've been following Croworldnet since and I've seen that not so many news come from Paris, or France in general, and cultural events do take place.
Perhaps, these pages target rather North America ? Anyway, I enclose a brief description of two events happening these days.

Best regards,
Maja Cioni

Dear Maja,

CROWN is interested in EVERYTHING Croatians do around the worldand we all do appreciate your letter. Please do continue. We would be interestedto hear more news from Sweden, Germany, Australia etc. Both in English andCroatian as well as local language. So, next time, if you have time, pleaseinclude all the languages. Thanks a lot. Najljepsa hvala i svako dobro.

My best,


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