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By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/6/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated

Veleposlanstvo Republike Hrvatske u Sjedinjenim Američkim Dr~avama Embassy of the Republic of Croatia to the United States of America

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WashingtonDC, 31. siječnja 2003.  Robert Belinic, Croatian classical guitaristplayed on Sunday afternoon February 2, at the Kennedy Center. Belinic, whom isthe first guitarist to join the roster of Young Concert Artists (YCA) was theFirst Prize winner of the 2002 YCA International Audition. Sunday event wassponsored by the Alexander Kasza-Kasser Prize, which is funded by Mary Mochary.

Belinic opened up with JohannSebastian Bach s  Sonata No.1 for violin in G minor, BVW 1001 andperformed the immensely technical piece in the key of A minor. The journey wassurreal as Belinic took the audience through his perception of Bach s subtleyet remarkably beautiful piece of work. He captivated the audience by choosingto finish with a faster and more vibrant piece known as  Two Dances, byJorge Morel.

Among the 400 plus in attendancewas the Ambassador of Croatia to the United States, Ivan Grdesic and his staff.They all attended to see their fellow countrymen in the spotlight while on hisway up in the musical world.

Young Concert Artists Inc. is anon-profit organization founded in 1961 by Susan Wadsworth. YCA is devoted to discovering such young amazing talent as, Belinic. Even more, YCA dedicates their time and assistance in the preparation andlaunching of their young and extremely gifted musicians careers. The artists arechosen through the Young Concert Artists International Auditions, which areunique in that there are no rankings and any number of winners, or none, can beselected.  Belinic was the only onechosen at the audition he attended and understandably so, his talent surpassesthose of most classical guitarists in his age group.

Born in 1981 in Zagreb, CroatiaBelinic s interest in the performing arts began at the age of eight when hestarred in the  Tale from Croatia, the first film released in the thennewly-independent Croatia. At the age of 11 his interest began to shift towardsmusical performance. Belinic s first instrument, however, was not the guitar,but rather the drums, which he began to play at, age three. It wasn t until the age of 11 that Belinic began to study the guitar. He first attended music school in Kutina with Zvonko Susnjar andcontinued his studies with Ante Cagalj in Zagreb. Every year since 1995, he has participated in the International SummerSchool for Guitar on the Croatian island of Hvar. Currently he is studying at the Music Conservatory in Augsburg, Germany,with Franz Halasz.

Belinic s talents have certainlynot gone unrecognized.  He wasawarded the Fergus new Artist Prize of YCA, The Princeton University ConcertPrize and The Beracasa Foundation Prize for an appearance at the MontpellierRadio France Festival.  In 2001,Belininc was the sole winner of the Young Artists European Auditions in Leipzig,Germany hosted by the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater  Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.

Belinic will continue his 2002-2003Young Concert Artists Series tour at the beginning of next week. He will firstmake his Debut recital in New York at the 92nd Street Y, sponsored bythe Claire Tow Debut Prize.  Then hewill then make his Boston debut at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Also included in the tour are performances at Mary Baldwin College inStaunton, VA, for the Jewish Community Alliance in Jacksonville, FL, and at theHonest Brook Music Festival in New York.


 For further information, please contact:

AlanVojvodić, Embassy of the Republic of Croatia to the United States of America,

(202)986 9476,

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