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(E) Vision of Tondal
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/12/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Vision of Tondal
Distributed by CroatianWorld

Vision of Tondal

The story of Tondal, where an unconscious man has
a journey where his soul leaves the body, was written in the 12th
century by the Irish monk Marcus. It spread across the face of Europe, 
including a late Medieval version dedicated to Benedictine nuns
on the Dalmatian coast. This performance uses Gregorian, Beneventan,
and Glagolithic chant known in Medieval Dalmatia. Glagolitic liturgy
is in the vernacular Croatian-Slavonic, but follows the Roman
Catholic rite of mass.

These performances from the Holland Festival of Early Music at
Utrecht 2002 are by the Ensemble Dialogos directed by Katarina
Livljanic. They are supported in part by Radio Nederland and the 
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, D.C.

1). Invocation to Tondal: Gospodin, smiluj se/Kyrie eleison (Glagolitic).
Zac noge tvoje sada u tanci ne igraju.

2). The soul of the Knight Tondal descends into Hell:
Introit: Venite, benedicti patris mei (Beneventan).
Tractus: Qui habitat in adiutorio altissimi (Gregorian, from the 
"Dubrovnik Missal" in the Bodelian Library, Oxford).

3). The Valley of Abomination:
Viruju u jedinoga boga/Credo (Glagolitic).
Gospodine, pomiluj/Kyrie eleison (Glagolitic).

4). Into the depths:
Gospin plac (Lament of the Virgin--Glagolitic).

5). Lucifer, lord of Hell:
O janjce bozji/Agnus Dei (Glagolitic).

6). The Golden Seats
[After Tondal has followed the angels into hell and walked the thin bridge
across the stinking chasm, he sees the golden throne, and wonders why he cannot sit]
Obrativ se Tondal za angelorum.
Citaje knjige Otkrivenja {Glagolitic--book of the Apocalypse}.
Dodji, duse presveti/Veni, sancte spiritus (Glagolitic).

7). The Knight's Soul returns to his body
[When Tondal awakens, he assumes he has been gone for years, only
to find all his adventures lasted less that one-millionth of a second]
Cuvsi toj; Salve Regina; I toj reksi vaze ga za ruku; Svet/Sanctus.
Acclamation: Exaudi Christe.

Millennium of Music
Music List 03-01

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