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(E) Formae LucisÓ or Forms of Light - Vladimir Pajkic
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/12/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Formae LucisÓ or Forms of Light - Vladimir Pajkic
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Vladimir Pajkic 





Photographer/Architect Focuses on Light, Travel

What: Vladimir Pajkic Photography: Formae LucisÓ
Where: RPM Capitol Hill, 225 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC 20003
When: Friday, February 7th, 7-9 PM

Washington, D.C. -- Photographer and trained architect Vladimir Pajkic will 
launch the first-ever public showing of his work called Formae LucisÓ or 
Forms of Light in Latin at RPM Capitol Hill on February 7th. Approximately 
50 people are expected to attend a wine and cheese reception from 7-9 PM to 
celebrate the opening and PajkicŪs new website The 
black-and-white photographs are all un-cropped so there is no editing of the 
immediate experience of that very moment,Ó according to Pajkic (pronounced 
pie-kitch). He uses a mixes media process to produce the images involving 
both hand developing and elements of architectural printing.
Images range from graffiti on a door in the Jewish Ghetto in Rome to a group 
of elderly playing cards in the streets of Shanghai. 

"Most of my work was taken during my travels, but the place is almost 
unimportant, " says Pajkic. "The theme is the exploration of light and the 
cities, events, and people it captures. It Ūs almost a universal language."

Pajkic, who was born and raised in Croatia, earned a Bachelors of 
Architecture at Cornell University and a Masters of Architecture from 
Princeton University. He recently moved to Washington, D.C. where he is a 
practicing architect.

Contact: Vladimir Pajkic
(202) 546-2842

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