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(E) Millennium of Music
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/12/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Millennium of Music

Millennium of Music

Millennium of Music is an exploration into the sources and mainstreams of
European music for the thousand years before the birth of Bach. For over18 
years, it has presented, in a quiet and serious way, the vast scope of
great music leading up to the early Baroque. It features the evolution of sacred
music, east and west, live performances by the best ensembles in the field
of early music, and the ever growing number of new releases in the field.

Robert Aubry Davis is the creator and host of Millennium of Music. The program is based fromWETA-FM in Washington D.C. Davis also hosts European Centuries, co-hosts Songs for Aging Children with Martin Goldsmith and serves as moderator of WETA's TV Emmy-Award winning arts discussion program, Around Town. He also serves on the boards of Early Music America, and the Music Educator National Conference.

To broadcast Millennium of Music, we ask that you fill out a broadcast agreement. Why not use the one here?

If you have any questions about Millennium of Music or need further information please call Jennifer Hicks at (800) 491-8863.

Through the years we have featured such noted performers as; Anonymous
Four, The Clerks Group, Tallis Scholars, Jordi Saval, Hesperus and many others.
The best performers and conductors have shared their vision and creative
endeavors through this program. Since the beginning, chant has been a
mainstay of the listening experience, and many of the best-selling recordings
have received their premiere on Millennium of Music.

Each year, concerts are presented from the Holland Early Music Festival at
Utrecht and aired on Millennium of Music. If you want to know where you
can listen to us in your town, go to our website at and search our site. If you have anything you 
would like to share with us, please email us at or write us at 
RADMAN Productions 2775
South Quincy Street Arlington, VA 22206. 
We love to get letters and email from our listeners

Our one-hour national weekly program is heard on over 190 public radio
stations across the country. One of our goals is to help our listeners learn
about and obtain the recordings you hear on Millennium of Music. This is why
we are telling all of you about At you
can read hundreds of reviews of Early Music recordings, as well as
hundreds of reviews of the latest classical recordings. 


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