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(E) Dive Franetovic at Weill (Carnegie) Hall
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/12/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Dive Franetovic at Weill (Carnegie) Hall


Dive's Great Success at Carnegie

This is just a short report about the young, talented, Croatian 
flutist Dive Franetovic. Croatians were out in force to cheer her on, as 
was my family (father, son, their spouses, and myself). Dive played 
third on the program. She looked stunning in a floor-long, white, 
shimmering gown as she played beautifully and expressively the slow 
movement of the Mozart Concerto in D. Everyone was very proud of her 
performance and her poise.
At the intermission, she was mobbed by members of her family, 
friends, and well-wishers.
The rest of the concert was very interesting, to say the least! 
Performances ranged from a movement of a 20th century violin concerto to 
a performer with an unusual talent for whistling (he whistled the "Queen 
of the Night" aria from Mozart's Magic Flute!). It was a great night -- 
and, as I later discovered, it was also Dive's birthday!
Many thanks to CROWN for providing a means of information so 
that young Croatian artists can be recognized and supported! 

Suzanne Lord

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