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(E) Krekovic Collection in Palma de Mallorca
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/19/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Krekovic Collection in Palma de Mallorca


Krisitan Krekovic


Dear Mr. Bach,

It is little known that in Palma de Mallorca there exists Museo Krekovic, founded by Croatian born Peruvian artist Krisitan Krekovic. The Krekovic Collection in Palma de Mallorca was officially opened in 1982 by Queen Sophia of Spain. For more details see     #krek   (in English)   (in Croatian)   (Art critics)

Do You know that Kristian Krekovic portrayed

Mahatma Gandhi, 
the English Queen (in 1938, upon her request), 
the royal family of Spain, and 
the royal family of Sweden. 
It would be of great interest to have all these portrats on the web. 
Manuel Vegas Castillo, Director of Culture of the Peruvian Ministry of Education: 
Kristian Kreković, the Croatian-born artist, has dedicated his life and his Art to the fabulous Empire of Inkas, Pre-Inkas and present day Hispano-American Folklore, with such prodigality of love and truth, art and knowledge, force and sensuality, sacrifice and perseverance, the likes of which have never been equalled by any other painter in the artistic history of America...
BARCELONA; "La Vnaguardia Espanola": Juan Coretés, 1957. 
" sensational, without any exaggeration, can be qualified the exhibition brought to us by the Croatian-born Peruvian artist Kristian Kreković. His, for the most part monumental paintings are masterly and complicated compositions, with absolutely perfect drawing, masterly treatment of chiaroscuro and brilliant and luminous palette...".
Greetings from Zagreb,

Darko Zubrinic    

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