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(E) Fedor Kabalin on The New York Composers Circle
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/24/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Fedor Kabalin on The New York Composers Circle


Fedor Kabalin @ Inaugural Concert in New York

New York Composers Circle
Sunday May 4, 2003 - 2 p.m.
St. Peter's Church at Citicorp Center
619 Lexington Av. (54th St.)
New York City
212) 787-8309
free admission 

The New York Composers Circle, a new group of composers based in and around New York City, is proud to announce its inaugural concert.

Fedor Kabalin: Böse Zeit, for baritone and piano, and Two American Songs, Op. 17, for baritone and soprano, with piano

Edward Ficklin: Quixote Meditations, for baritone and piano

Patricia Leonard: This Heart Feels Heavy, for soprano and piano

Jacob E. Goodman: Beneath the Trees, three songs for baritone and piano

Jennifer Louis Griffith: Ebb, Gallant Chateau and Eel-Grass, three songs for soprano and piano

Debra Kaye: Slants of Light, a song cycle for baritone and piano


David del Tredici: Fantasy Pieces and Wedding Song, for piano

Gayther Myers: I am Blessed, for soprano and piano, and To Olga, for baritone and piano

Eugene W. McBride: Child April, Yellow Cabs and Prayer, for baritone and piano

Miki Nakanishi: Two poems by Langston Hughes, for soprano and reader, with piano

Robert Honstein: To a Poor Old Woman, for baritone and piano

Gary Strauss: Allegro- `...chatter in the system' and Adagio- `... a plea for peace', for cello, trumpet, and piano

please turn over for the performers >

Derrick Ballard (bass-baritone)
Lauren Bradley (soprano)
Susan Daum (soprano)
David Del Tredici (piano)
Clint Edward (piano)
Kyung-A Lee (piano)
Edmond Schonberg (piano)
Elizabeth Wolff (piano)

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