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(E) Photographing your family history in Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/22/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Photographing your family history in Croatia


Zoran Orlic: Photographer

Photographing your family history in Croatia

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“Croatia in Photographs”   

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Zoran Orlic: Photographer

Born in Trogir, Croatia, in 1967, Zoran Orlic is a fine arts photographer with a flair for capturing the many spirits of Croatia. From an aging baka in all her glory of wrinkles and black dress to the sparkling calm of the Jadransko more and from the jubilant children in national Croatian costumes to the lively rock bands, Zoran puts into pictures what many have committed into memory only.
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Thank you so much,

Zoran Orlic
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Photographing your families history in Croatia. 

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Photographing your families history in Croatia.
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For Croatian expatriates who want to preserve the memory of their childhood home, favorite vacation spot or other places they hold dear to their hearts, the following service is available from Zoran:

A detailed personal photo documentary of your village, city, town or island. Zoran will travel to the designated location and photograph sites that are meaningful to you, such as your childhood home, church where you were married or other symbolic place.

Photos will be then be uploaded onto the Internet for you to view on your personal and private web page.Customers as well as friends and family members will be able to purchase prints from their personal web page.

A complimentary Black Canvas Coffee-Table Book of selected photos will be shipped 3 to 4 weeks after, Zoran has returned and the film has been processed then scanned. A select 15 to 25 photographs that symbolize the location shoot will become your personal coffee-table book to keep forever.

Croatian Roots Photo Journal @ CroPhoto

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