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(E) Croatian Pioneers, Kenaston, Saskatchewan, Canada
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/26/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Croatian Pioneers, Kenaston, Saskatchewan, Canada


CroatianPioneers  by  Ken Beckie

    I (Ken [Brkic] Beckie) am in the process of having a book printed about the 50 pioneer Croatian families who settled on homesteads in central Saskatchewan, mostly before WW 1. They all came from the vicinity of Lovinac, Lika, Croatia. The book has 250 pages about 118 photographs and 20 maps/diagrams. It has one page biographies and a photograph for each of the 50 families. It also includes a genealogical chart for each family and their descendants and a condensed 30 page history ofCroatia which focuses on the Lovinac area. 
    The author's father Nikola Brkic now Beckie was born near Lovinac and came to Canada at age 4 in 1906 and is still living. The author Ken Beckie was born in 1929 in Saskatchewan and is a retired petroleum geologist. He has researched the information for this book for 30 years.
Cost of the book has not yet been resolved, but should be approximately $30 US depending on the amount of financial contributions which the author might receive to offset some of the printing costs. 
If interested in making a contribution or purchasing the book, please e-mail or write the author : Ken Beckie, 15 Glenview Dr. S.W., Clagary, Canada, T3E 4H4
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