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(E) National Geographic Magazine coming to Croatia!
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/30/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) National Geographic Magazine coming to Croatia!


The National Geographic Magazine(NGM) comes to Croatia

Dear Nenad,

For the last 6 months I have led the efforts of bringing National Geographic 
Magazine (NGM) to Croatia. As a result of these efforts, I am delighted to 
inform you that the first issue of the Croatian edition of NGM will be on 
the market in November 2003.

The Croatian NGM will not only contain translations of selected articles 
from the US and other international editions of the magazine (the Croatian 
edition will be the 25th international edition of NGM) , but also original 
content articles from Croatia, which will then be part of the overall NGM 
database and as such will be available to any other NGM edition. In this 
way, the Croatian NGM will also be a promoter of the Croatian culture and 
science and the Croatian heritage overall. However, this is not the only way 
we will help Croatia. Namely, the National Geographic Society (NGS - the 
largest scientific non profit organization in the world) also has research 
funds (so far, Croatia received 10 grants for various research projects) and 
the local magazine will be the main catalyst of allocation of potential 
funds to Croatia (we already recommended and secured the grant for the 
protection of White Griffon birds on the island of Cres).

For all these reasons and much more, we have already received support from 
various Ministries and Government officials, incl. Ministry of Culture, 
Science and Technology, Education, etc.). We will start presenting National 
Geographic with the exhibition "National Geographic 100 Best Photographs 
road show” in Dubrovnik, which will be a part of the official program of the 
famous Dubrovnik Summer Festival, pls. see The exhibition will then be 
rolled out nationwide: Dubrovnik-Split-Zadar-Rijeka-Zagreb-Osijek over the 
next 6 months.

The Croatian NGM editorial team is in place and is already working hard on 
preparation of the first issue. We have gathered the Croatian expert team 
(the most eminent professors from Croatian Universities, other experts on 
various NG related topics, etc.), but are looking for Croatian experts, 
including translators based in the U.S., which we could recommend to NGM in 
D.C. As you probably know, NGS gained its great reputation for reporting 
accurate information and spreading knowledge of geography, geology, biology 
and history of the world based on extremely high standards, also required 
from every local edition, which is reverse translated and checked in every 
single detail. Therefore, I would appreciate if you could disseminate this 
information via Crown and ask if there are interested translators of the 
Croatian language as well as experts in the NG related fields, who would 
like to cooperate with NGM.
They can contact either me directly or Hrvoje 
Prcic, Editor-in-Chief of the Croatian NGM (at
Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,

Maja Jelisic
Distribution Director/NGM Project & Marketing Director
SANOMA Magazines Zagreb
Vlaska 121/II
10 000 Zagreb
Tel. +385-1-469-4116
Fax. +385-1-5141
Cell. +385-91-6000-204

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