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(E) NEW book Josip Novakovich Plum Brandy:Croatian Journeys
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  09/15/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) NEW book Josip Novakovich Plum Brandy:Croatian Journeys


Plum Brandy: Croatian Journeys

Josip Novakovich

Josip Novakovich has a new book out: Plum Brandy: Croatian Journeys (White Pine Press, Buffalo, NY). A few of the pieces from the book appeared on CROWN last year, and many have appeared in a variety of journals, including the New York Times Travel Section, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Boulevard, and Iowa Review. The book is a mix of personal observation, memoir, and political and historical analysis. Phillip Lopate, the eminent American essayist, says: The triumph in this book is its narrative voice: that of a fully adult human beinng who has been places, done a lot, and knows how ludicrous and sad the world is, and he as well. The reader's pleasure issues frome very sentences, as Novakovich unveils with wry, disenchanted humor the way things are without relinquishing his ancient sense of wonder. Plum Brandy is an extraordinarily alive, enjoyable collection--the best books for far by an immensely gifted writer.
You can get the book on  or in a large bookstore.

Novakovich teaches at Penn State University. His book, Salvation and Other Disasters, won an American Book Award, a Whiting Award, and was listed as a notable book by the New York Times Book Review. Next year HarperCollins will publish his new novel and a collection of stories (entitled Infidelities: Stories of Lust and War). Feel free to get in touch with him at . Novakovich does not plan a book tour, but he will come to NYC in October to promote The Wild East, an anthology of stories from Eastern Europe. We will give you the dates later on.


Support Josip Novakovich by buying his book. Support artists by buying their art.

Nenad Bach

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