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(E) Same Difference on TV
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/23/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Same Difference on TV



Hello friends! Guess what! We're going to be on Cable TV and on the internet! This is related to the interfaith musical theatre project that I worked on, SAME DIFFERENCE, and which is being made into a documentary for PBS. Hope it's interesting. I won't see it until everybody else does, too. Love, Eileen

Sarah Brockus, Eileen B. Weiss, and Daisy Khan, part of the SAME DIFFERENCE creative team, were interviewed for a segment on the cable show, VISUAL VOICES, which will air on November 25th. Details are below. (Note: Previous guests on this show have included Michael Moore, Ossie Davis, Gore Vidal, Reverend Billy & the Church of Stop Shopping, and Dennis Kucinich.)

Tuesday November 25th at 7:30PM Eastern Time!


I wrote the song "Have a Reason Have a Faith" for this show.

Nenad Bach

Watch VISUAL VOICES from anywhere in the world live on the web!!! (Select Channel 34). Or if you or friends of yours live in Manhattan, check it out live. Here are the details.

DATE: Tuesday November 25, 2003
TIME: 7:30PM Eastern Time in the USA
CHANNEL: Time Warner Cable Manhattan Channel 34, RCN Cable Manhattan Channel 107
WEBCAST: (Note: Select Channel 34)
LENGTH: Half Hour Show

About The Show
A new and unusual look at how
voices in media, the arts and beyond
are shaping our world.

Each show of our continuing series is produced collaboratively by members of the Arts and Media Task Force of the Foundation for Ethics and Meaning
( and Co-Sponsored by We, The World (

Show Overview
VISUAL VOICES recognizes the impact of media and the arts as transmitters of cultural values and norms. The show utilizes energy, support and content from many activists, people in the arts, and independent media makers such as Danny Schechter (Globalvision and, Reverend Billy (and the Church of Stop Shopping), Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!), Greg Palast (The Best Democracy Money Can Buy), Michael Brownstein (World On Fire), Michael Moore (Bowling For Columbine), Ohms Media, A Better World, New Realities and many others.

We feature people who are using their artistic and media skills to create a peaceful, caring, just and sustainable world. Wherever possible we intend to engage and inform our audience using humor, entertainment and inspiration.

We seek to raise the awareness of those who produce, distribute and/or appreciate the
arts and media about the impact they have on society at large.

Our vision is to increase the role of media and the arts as transmitters of cultural values that encourage a spirit of caring/activism and mutual recognition/connection. We challenge the dominance of material self-interest that marginalizes these important cultural values.

Previous Show Featured Appearances


Sulak Sivaraksa (Buddhist Scholar, author, Seeds of Peace), Faye Feller (Season for Nonviolence Task Force)
Sulak describes the Buddhist way of nonviolence. Faye discusses promoting nonviolence with youth.

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping
The mission of Reverend Billy (Bill Talen) is to use thought provoking and humorous street theatre and performance art to make the public aware of how our consumer choices impact people and our planet.

Urban Visionaries Film Festival
Participants describe how they made the move from life on the street to making a difference in the world.

Michael Moore (Filmmaker, producer of Bowling for Columbine)
Michael gives a powerful and hilarious commentary on the militarization of the major media, Bush, and the Iraq War.

Plus cameo appearances by several puppet members of the Unemployed Philosophers Guild.


Greg Palast
BBC Correspondent Greg Palast, author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, reflects on the absurdities of U.S. military policies.

The Flute Player
We take you behind the scenes of The Flute Player - a compelling film at The Human Rights Watch International Film Festival about a survivor of the Khmer Rouge.

Zero Boy
The human voice becomes a unique instrument for social commentary with performance artist Joel Farrell (Zero Boy) at the Deep Dish Cabaret in lower Manhattan.

Wayne Dyer
The spotlight is on television that can make a positive difference. Here is an excerpt from Mitchell Rabin's show A Better World, featuring the profound words of Wayne Dyer, author of The Erroneous Zones and Wisdom of the Ages.


Ossie Davis
Actor and activist Ossie Davis speaks out about media power and consumer activism strategies to defend what people love.

Cynthia McKinney
Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney raises her voice about bias in the corporate media and the importance of alternative media.

Gore Vidal
Renowned author and public figure Gore Vidal voices his concern that the legacy of our founding fathers is being shattered by the policies of the current administration.

Marshall Rosenberg
The importance of positive voices in the media is illustrated in this excerpt from Alan Steinfeld's TV show, New Realities. Here Paula Gloria speaks with Marshall Rosenberg, the creator of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). He discusses NVC consciousness, comparing other cultures to the consciousness of moralistic judgments common in our culture; and how NVC can be used to resolve conflicts and bring harmony to relationships.

VISUAL VOICES TV Show #4 features:

Congressman and Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich,who proposed legislation for a Cabinet level Department of Peace, integrates spirit and politics in his view of American potential.
Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping: Voices take many forms. Performance artist Reverend Billy, a creation of Bill Talen, performs his unique brand of political theatre with the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir - which, in times of war, becomes the Stop Bombing Gospel Choir! Here, Reverend Billy takes his congregation to the World Trade Center Site to deliver a tribute to those who would turn their grief into a cry for peace.
Focus on Independent media making a difference:
Divided We Stand a documentary by producer Trish Dalton of the Ohms Media Collective. Trish brings us the voices of 2 Americans for whom being in Iraq during the conflict has very different significance: a photojournalist and a soldier.
Clean Elections What could democracy look like? Independent Producer Matt Edge presents the voices of those who think taking money out of elections is imperative. Please let us know if you have any outlets for airing and distributing VISUAL VOICES . And please let us know if you watched the show and have any comments you'd like to share. Thank you!

VISUAL VOICES TV Show #5 Features:

New Media Making a Difference with

Amy Goodman - Award winning journalist and host of Democracy Now! on the Pacifica Radio Network and
Danny Schechter - Executive Editor of, Co-Founder and Executive Producer of Globalvision, author of Embedded: Weapons of MassDeception and The More You Watch, The Less You Know
appearing at the American Spirit, Values, & Power Conferenceconvened by the New York Open Center and the Continuing Education & Public Programs of CUNY Graduate Center
Rick Ulfik Director of InterConnectCollaborative Media Program of We, The World; Co-Chair, Foundation for Ethics and Meaning, Co-Producer of VISUAL VOICES

World On Fire

Michael Brownstein, reading from the book-length poem World On Fire, delivers a personal, impassioned commentary on corporate capital and the mindset behind corporate globalization.

Seeds of Deception
Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception exposes the dangers of genetically engineered foods that bio-tech companies want to keep hidden from the public. Terminating the Death Penalty
Inspired by the off-Broadway play The Exonerated, producer and lawyer Bonnie Greenball sat down with Bar Association member Ronald Tabak who advocates for a moratorium of the death penalty.
VISUAL VOICES Segments Currently in Production
Better Media, Better World (Examples of responsible, positive media)
Segment Producer
Maria Sarro
Making a Difference through the Arts (featuring people who are using their artistic talents to better the world)
Segment Producers
Rob Freudenberg
Meredith Manna
Media Messages Matter Most (how the major media create powerful norms in our society - some of which can be hazardous to your health!)
Segment Producer
Rick Ulfik
Raising Your Media IQ (Media Literacy "Class" with the sometimes wacky Professor P.R. Spinn)
Segment Producers
Rick Ulfik
Jerry Spivak


Behind The Headlines - Connecting the Dots (revealing aspects of major news stories not covered by the commercial media)
Media Consolidation
The Digital Spectrum Giveaway
Corporate And Self-Censorship In The Media
Entertainment And The De-Politization Of America (And The World)
Corporate Ownership Of The Media Skews the Vision and Goals of the Media Away From Common Public Concerns and Toward Special Profit Interests of Private Corporations
Violence in the Media
Media and Arts Activism, Upcoming Events
Expanding Independent and Alternative Media
Airing Film Shorts and Documentaries
Role of the Arts in Social Change Movements
Radio Concerns And Activism: Pacifica and Governance Issues, Low-Power/Community Radio Issues, Talk Radio's Impact On Politics, etc.
Taking Back Public Space From Corporate Advertising
Branding, Ads And Consumerism
How Media Spin Sells Public Policy
How Corporate Media Are Used To "Manufacture Consent" For War, Building Prisons, Stiff Sentencing, Rollbacks Of Civil Liberties, Etc.
How Media Coverage Affects Government Legislation And Policy (Defense Spending, Missile Shields, Etc), Health Issues, Education, Elections, Violence, Environmental Issues, Ethnic Profiling, Attitudes Towards Particular Groups of People, Attitudes Towards Animals, Etc.
Who Decides What Becomes News?
Media Cynicism (Cloaked As Realism) And The Assault On Idealism
The Media Literacy Movement (SEE ABOVE - Raising Your Media IQ)
Understanding How Arts And Media Act As Transmitters Of Cultural Values And Norms (SEE ABOVE - Media Messages Matter Most)
Some of these values and norms are destructive, such as:
1) the idea that we're living in a dangerous world and we should use whatever means necessary to protect ourselves as much as possible,
2) pursuing a consumerist vision of happiness (aka the "American Dream") which doesn't consider the negative effects on our environment, labor, human rights, etc
3) the "common sense" of looking out for number one without concern about the consequences for others,
4) the importance and inevitability of corporations expanding global markets,
5) there are only two sides to every issue,
6) politicians and others always have ulterior motives for personal gain that override consideration of the well-being of society,
7) people never participate in collective action for the benefit of all society (only for particular special interest groups).

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