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(E) Zagreb Little Stars - on the USA Tour
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/7/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Zagreb Little Stars - on the USA Tour


A treat from Croatia in Dayton, Pittsburgh and New York

World's Champions "Little Stars" - Zvjezdice

On ABC's Good Morning America Dec 12, 2003

Choir from Croatia

Honored to be elected as Cultural Ambassadors of the European Union Parliament, Little Stars, by popular European editorial opinion, has surpassed the Vienna Boys Choir. On July 6, 2001, Little Stars became two-times world champion at Llangollen International Music Festival, Llangollen, Wales, U.K..

Check the web site  Little Stars

Stivers Spectacular Profile

Founded on February 18, 1985, World's Champions "Little Stars" operates within the Zagreb - Croatia, Youth Center Singing Studio.
Exceeding international standards, choir pre-admission requirements are indeed stringent, requiring the highest personal dedication and professionalism of choir member candidates. Every candidate is required to maintain excellent school grades (A+) for as long as is member associated with the choir. Spending several hours every day in rehearsal, for a minimum of two years, candidates are required to perform in high artistic level hundreds of complex musical scores.
Finally, with harmony, tonal resonance and diction of the candidate honed to brilliant perfection, directorial permission is then granted and the candidate submits herself to the Youth Center Singing Studio, Directorial Review Board. Upon acceptance by the review board and the concurrence of Maestro Zdravko Sljivac, founder and director of "Little Stars", the candidate becomes a member of "Little Stars", and is permitted the honor of singing in public for the very first time.
Honored to be elected as Cultural Ambassadors of the European Union Parliament, Little Stars, by popular European editorial opinion, has surpassed the Vienna Boys Choir. On July 6, 2001, Little Stars became two-times world champion at Llangollen International Music Festival, Llangollen, Wales, U.K.. Their sensational Llangollen performance, apart from the millions of Croatian listeners, has brought them well deserved acclaim with millions more in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Norway, Italy, Wales, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Slovenia.

They are officially the best youth choir of the world.
"... Vienna has "Vienna boys", and Zagreb has "Little Stars"!!!..."
The emergence of Little Stars has brought a renaissance in the art of an all girls' choir, back to Europe. Easily surpassing the acclaim received by Vienna Boys Choir, Little Stars Choir possess impressive knowledge of complex, multiple vocal scores, finesse, pure vocal clarity and intonation, clearness of technical elements, envious diction, delivering flawless execution. The purity of their vocal style surpasses all previously known professional exhibition styles, with spontaneously joyful musical expression.
A very short-list sampling of concerts, broadcasts and albums include; Ave Mundi Gloria and Christmas editions with Zagreb soloists and Zagreb wind trio, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra Croatian TV, Croatia Chamber Orchestra and others under the guidance of P. Despalj, V. Kranjcevic, K. Ono, M. Belamaric, N. Bareza, M. Prohaska, M. Horvat.

Tickets Prices:

Tickets Available At:
Gem City Records937 / 223-8011
Hauer Music937 / 222-2815
Stivers School for the Arts937 / 542-7448
Red Oak Productions937 / 222-6656


Please help them in whichever way you can. Go and see them or/and help organizers.

Nenad Bach

A treat from Croatia in Dayton, Pittsburgh and New York

Based on what I heard from the download you will not want to miss this concert!

Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 07:30:51 -0800 (PST)
From: Peggy J
Subject: Robert, need help!!
To: Robert Jerin


Peggy Jurecic Jasina in Dayton here. I need your special help, and the help of your Church/Club, and also the Eastlake Cro community if possible.

I don't know if you check out the Tamburaland website ever, but if you do, you will see notice that The Little Stars of Zagreb will be giving a concert in Pittsburgh w/ Otrov on Dec 14th. (The Little Stars are the world champion girls' choir who have surpassed Vienna Boys Choir in competition.) Well, the full story is this:

Maestro Zdravko Sljivac, conductor/director of the Little Stars, is good friends w/ 2 of our Dayton Croatian immigrants. They are Juljia and Edin "Dino" Zonic, who have been here about 4 yrs. Dino is a composer/conducter who is teaching at Stivers School for the Performing Arts in Dayton. Juljia was one of the founding Little Stars. The notion of the Little Stars coming to US for a tour was hatched only a little more than 2 mos ago. Maestro Sljivac in Zagreb had to raise $$ to get visas, passports, new uniforms etc for the 42 singers. He called Dino and said "we are coming". Dino and Julie gulped, and made a leap of faith and said "come". This whole project is, in my mind, a miraculous undertaking. The Little Stars will arrive in New York on Dec 11th. They will appear on Good Morning, America on Dec 12. They have 2 concerts in NY (I do not know where/when). They will give their concert in Pittsburgh on Dec 14, accompanied by Otrov, then travel to Dayton. They are giving 2 concerts in Dayton on Th Dec 18 and Fri Dec 19---at the Masonic Temple, which seats 3300ish---then going on to Cinci to sing at Mass Sat and Sun, with concerts following services.

The Dayton concerts, according to Julie, will be evoking the renowned Vienna Boys Choir New Years' Concert (cheapest ticket to that is $1,000). The concert is 2 hrs including intermission, and the Little Stars are singing 40 min or better. It is primarily a showcase for the girls, but also will feature Andjelko Krpan, violin, with Puzzle of Light. I am told encores may be in Croatian.

The girls' entire tour of US is being filmed by Croatian TV. There will be 2 possibly 3 TV specials aired back in Croatia afterwards. Apparently there is a great furor "back home" about the Little Stars coming to America. Julie and Dino are obviously hoping for great support for this amazing endeavor. The whole thing has been pulled together so quickly--truly amazing--but as a result, we need to do "word of mouth". This is such a unique opportunity for us, as Croatians, for all people of Slavic descent, and for the general public.

Robert, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get the word out. Feel free to pass on this email if you want. We would love to have as many people attend these concerts as possible. I am handling ticket sales for the Croatian side of things. People can call me to order tickets and I will mail them out pronto, or can hold them at the door if preferred. Tickets are $15, 20 and 25. The only difference in pricing is how close you are to the stage. There is not a bad seat in the house; there are no poles or anything to obstruct view. The majority of tickets fall in the $20 range. I have to have all ticket orders and $$ in hand on Sat., Dec 13th. My ph # is (937) 439-0403. My address is:
Peggy Jurecic Jasina
9643 Olde Georgetown Way
Centerville OH 45458

Dino and Julie are also seeking tax-deductible donations or corporate sponsorship. The logistics involved in this undertaking are phenomenal. (think travel from NY to PA to OH and back.) They are accomplishing in 2 mos what normally takes a year or more. I think they are to be greatly admired for their courage and faith. ANYTHING that any one can do to help, will be ever so greatly appreciated. Robert, if you want to give me a call for further info, please do so.

Thank you so much for any efforts you make on behalf of the Little Stars. Thank you!!
Peggy Jurecic Jasina

I am helping Dino and Julija Zonic, in every way that I possibly can, so that the Little Stars tour is successful. I received an email from Julija this afternoon that was troubling. She stated that today they found out that they need or should have insurance for the Little Stars while they are on their US tour. She said it breaks down to $58 per person or approx $3200 (don't recall the exact amount at this time). Can you think of any way we can appeal for financial help to get insurance for the girls on this tour? I don't know if it's necessary or not, but I certainly understand Dino and Julie's concern. They have undertaken a monumental project and are pursuing it with great faith and courage. I'd like to see them receive as much help as possible. Please brainstorm, and feel free to contact me with any ideas you may have. Thank you VERY much.

Also, it is my understanding that the businesses selling the tickets for the Dayton tickets will not be mailing them out to patrons. I am willing to take ticket orders and personally mail the tickets to those who request them. I am doing this already on behalf of our Club, my friends, neighbors, etc. I extended the request to the Croatians in the Cleveland area. I will be happy to do it for those on the Midwest Croatians email list, if it will help more of our people see the Little Stars in concert. Julija has told me that I need to have all checks in hand/mailbox by Saturday, Dec 13th, after which time I will return any unsold tickets to her.

Feel free to send this email as you see fit.

Peggy Jurecic Jasina

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