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(E) Marilyn Cvitanic - Artist
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/29/2004 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Marilyn Cvitanic - Artist


Marilyn Cvitanic


Marilyn Cvitanic, Artist Biography


Marilyn Cvitanic is a self-taught Croatian-American artist currently living in New York City.  She has been painting and showing and selling her work in a variety of galleries and public spaces for nearly ten years.

Cvitanic creates an abstract landscape where there is no clear distinction between the spiritual and physical realms. Although the perspective seems oddly familiar, it is one we don't recognize on a daily basis except in the world of dreams.  Her latest body of work, “Biological Architecture” reflects her interest in structural form, both natural and man-made. This series of paintings combines shapes inspired by urban architectural landscapes, from Manhattan to Split, Croatia, (where she spends her summers) with microscopic forms from the natural world. Marilyn’s intuitive process draws on images from environment as well as her life-long interest in botany and the natural sciences.

While self-taught in the visual arts, Marilyn Cvitanic holds a Ph.D. in Policy Analysis from the RAND Graduate School in Santa Monica, California.  She began painting shortly after completing her degree. Over the past decade Marilyn’s commitment to her painting has lead to a position as Adjunct Professor in the Fine Arts Departments of Mount Saint Vincent College and Manhattan College where she teaches studio art and art history. Other academic interests include the study of outsider and folk art from the Balkans

Marilyn Cvitanic

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by jonny)

    while browsing through some of my water color archives , I see some of the most peaceful,flowing, and most beautiful in color and flowing downward lines that just blended so well and soft, made for a relaxing evening. Thank you JOHN HALLBERG
    When I got to the bottom of your works I saw a VERY stunning (candid in many ways) self portrait of yourself.
    I must say again great site and portrait to final the page.
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