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(E) "Justice" on Cleveland Film Festival, plus
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/4/2004 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) "Justice" on Cleveland Film Festival, plus


Justice on many Film Festivals

Editor's note:

Film that I scored (wrote music for) is playing all over the world. If you are in Cleveland, you can see it. If you are in New Jersey, you can see it too. And soon (march 31 in Toronto). Played in Brasil, Hawaii, Asia, Europe etc.


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USA, 2003 - 80 minutes
Directed by Evan Oppenheimer
After "American Splendor" how about another funny-sad rumination on making sense of a crazy world through the comics? That would be just. In fact, that would be JUSTICE, set in a post-September 11 New York City. Drew, a comics writer who lost his best friend in the Twin Towers, tires of penning hackneyed superhero word-balloons. He envisions a new character more in step with a shaken society. No superpowers or radioactivity. Only a decent citizen (albeit cloaked), fighting mortal villains. Needing real-life inspiration for the average-avenger "Justice." Drew strategically befriends Tre, a handsome substitute teacher he finds playing pickup basketball. The debut issue is a hit, and a Village Voice reporter fan starts asking questions. How does Drew tell Tre he's a hero, with a secret identity so secret even he didn't know he had it? On the edges of the narrative are Roberta, an activist lawyer fighting Mayor Giuliani's city hall, and Mohammed, a Muslim from India selling bagels from his cart. When we realize their significance, it hits harder than the Hulk. This Marvel of a sophomore feature puts Evan Oppenheimer in a League of Extraordinary Filmmakers.
Producer: Amy R. Baird, Amelia Dallis
Screenplay: Evan Oppenheimer
Cinematography: Luke Geissbuhler
Editing: Allison Eve Zell
Music: Nenad Bach
Principal Cast: Erik Palladino, Catherine Kellner, Michael Jai White, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Ajay Naidu, Marisa Ryan, David Patrick Kelly
About the Director: Evan Oppenheimer graduated with a degree in English from Yale University. After editing books for Atheneum Publishers he enrolled in film school at New York University.
Selected Filmography: "The Auteur Theory" (2000), JUSTICE (2003)
Print Sources: Evan Oppenheimer

12 East 14th St., 5C
New York NY 10003
p: (212) 924 4994
f: (801) 217 5834
Category: American Independents, FilmSlam


Showing dates for Justice:
Quantity Title Date Time Code Cost Status
  Justice 03/25/2004 7:45 pm 25N $9.00  
  Justice 03/26/2004 5:00 pm 26K $9.00  MYHELAN Indie Film Festival. (I'll try to be there on Saturday night March 6,2004)

Look for Toronto Film Fest.

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Rechard)

    Thank you for the review of "Justice". It help me a lot to write an essay for my college.


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