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(E) NY Concert of Dunja Knebl & Poetry Recital by Zvonko Novosel
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/22/2004 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) NY Concert of Dunja Knebl & Poetry Recital by Zvonko Novosel


Croatian Cultural Thursdays


Croatian Cultural Association Napredak present:


Thursday, April 29th
7 PM
Auditorium Of The Church Of St. Cyril And Methodius
502 West 41st Street
New York, NY

Free Admission

Dunja Knebl, a Croatian ethno-singer, will be singing her interpretations of Croatian folk songs and Zvonko Novosel, a theater actor from Croatia, will recite poetry by famous Croatian poets.

Please join us for a reception afterwards and take the opportunity to meet the performers (both are fluent in English) and learn about the new ethno-trend in Croatian music.

More information about the artists and the program can be found below.


Zvonko Novosel

Poems by Jure Franicevic Plocar, Mate Balota, Miroslav Krleza, Melita Runje, and Tin Kolumbi as well as the following famous Croatian poems:

Majka Marija by A. G. Matos,
Hrvatska by Drago Ivanisevic
Hrvatska, ljubavi moja by Zlatko Tomicic
Hrvatska Hrvatom by August Harambasic
Hrvatski jezik by V. Nazor

Dunja Knebl

Voyage with Songs Through Croatia

1. Hrvatsko zagorje – Dobar večer, moja draga
2. Međimurje – Dej mi, Bože, joči sokolove
3. Podravina – Lepe ti su Molivarke
4. Prigorje – Karanfilje, cvijeće moje
5. Turopolje – Dragi dragoj
6. Slavonija – Slavuj, tico mala
7. Dalmacija – Klakar
8. Istra – Meni te je majka jobećala
9. Općehrvatska – Blijeda djeva

DUNJA KNEBL was born in Zagreb, Croatia and lived in the US, Indonesia and Russia. After participating in "Viet-Rock" in 1968 (a production by the Zagreb Student Experimental Theatre) she decided that singing and guitar playing would remain her hobby. After completing her studies of English and Russian at the Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy she worked most of her life as a translator and language teacher, and she sang folk songs to her friends.

Dunja’s repertoire is very wide, and now includes several hundred Croatian folk songs alone. She has performed in many countries.

In 1997 she was nominated for the Croatian Porin award as the best female singer. The 1999 edition of World Music The Rough Guide (Volume I) recommended her album "Iz globline srca". Since then two more albums have been released and the more recent one titled "Da sam barem guska" includes traditional folk songs from some of the countries Dunja has lived in. More info at:

ZVONKO NOVOSEL graduated from the Theater Arts Academy in Zagreb, Croatia in 1986. Since 1991 he has been an Independent Stage Actor within the Croatian Arts Association and regularly performs in various theaters, museums, associations, and clubs. He has had over one hundred performances and acted in numerous films and theater productions.

He also taught elementary school, high school, and college students in the basic elements of stage acting, including exercises in speech, perception memory, stage reality, improvisation, modeling, and imagination in Berlin, Germany. He taught drama to Croatian refugees in the Croatian Catholic Mission Drama Workshop and regularly participates in Zagreb Acting Studio Zagreb, Croatia.


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