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(E) Justice in Village Voice
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/4/2004 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Justice in Village Voice




"Justice" opened onApril 28 at the Pioneer Theater on 3rd Street
and Avenue A
, New York City, New York. Full house so far and it'll play there for at least three weeks. For more info go to the website, .

The Festivals

Tribeca Film Festival -- Dramatic Competition
Maui Film Festival -- Dramatic Competition
Rhode Island Film Festival
New Haven Film Festival -- Fave of the Fest
Athens Film Festival -- Best American Film
Waterfront Film Festival
Dubrovnik Film Festival -- Dramatic Competition
Breckenridge Film Festival
Sao Paulo Film Festival -- International Competition
Annapolis Film Festival
Marco Island Film Festival -- Best Screenplay
Santa Fe Film Festival
Sarasota Film Festival
Myhelan Film Festival
Cleveland Film Festival
Reel World Film Festival
Newport Beach Film Festival


Principal Crew

Writer and Director -- Evan Oppenheimer
Producers -- Amy R. Baird, Amelia Dallis
Director of Photography -- Luke Geissbuhler
Music -- Nenad Bach
Editor -- Allison Eve Zell
Casting Directors -- Felicia Fasano, Mary Vernieu
Production Designer -- Beth Kuhn
Sound Designer -- Bill Montei
Sound Recordist -- Paul Bacca
Costume Designer -- Dona Mandel
Props -- Kirsten Kane
Music Supervisors -- David Hnatiuk, Ramsay Adams
Comic Book Art -- David Jerrel Anderson
Associate Producer -- Martin Schepelern



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