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(E) Successful fund-raiser in Astoria library, New York
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/20/2004 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Successful fund-raiser in Astoria library, New York


A successful fund-raiser for

Friends of the Queens Library-Broadway Chapter, New York

On Saturday May 22, 2004, "Friends of the Queens Library-Broadway Chapter" held a successful fund-raiser in Astoria library auditorium featuring artists and performers from Astoria and Long Island City community. Sanja Crnkovic, President of the "Friends of the Queens Library" helped organize the event along with several other volunteers.

Two Croatian children who recently performed at the fifth Children's Music Festival in Queens performed two songs in Croatian language:

Ten-year-old Katarina Glavan sang "Dalmacijo, mila moja mati" written by D. Peric and eleven-year-old Filip Malaric sang "Pokazi mi" written by Marko Bilan.

The tax-deductible financial donations and active local participation, such as volunteering, creates public support for the library and enhances the cultural life of the community. Volunteers work with the library staff on legislative advocacy. Democratic Council Member – District 22 Peter Vallone, Jr. spoke briefly stressing the importance of libraries to higher education.

Wanda S. Radetti, commercial and cultural attaché City of Rijeka and a local resident of Astoria, attended and enthusiastically participated during the performance of "Free Style Artists" which does interactive group art. Twelve-year-old Viktor Crnkovic also participated, reminding the audience how creative art is a worthwhile experience that even amateurs can dive into easily.

Other performers were singer and comedian Susan Scannell, musician Natalia Paruz, poet Ella Smith, singer Ameilia Terry, comedian and teacher Jim Gallagher, professional dancers Milly Brig and Keith Johnson, folk dancer Anoush performed Armenian style solo dance, dressed in a beautiful outfit. Carmine Guida, a Dumbek player specializing in Middle Eastern rhythms, accompanied Anoush.

In the past, Sanja initiated a collection of the Croatian Children's books available at the Broadway Branch Library in Astoria. For additional information, see click on "WorldLinQ" and click on "Croatian." In addition, Sanja organized free community events at the library such as performance of the Croatian folk group "Hrvatska Ruza", singing group "Klapa" and Boris Miketic speaking about travel to Croatia.

Zdenka Kardum, representative in charge of cultural events at the Consulate General of the Republic of Croatia in New York was part of the audience along with approximately 60 others.


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