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(E) IUP theater students to perform 'Grizula' in play's native Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/7/2004 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) IUP theater students to perform 'Grizula' in play's native Croatia


IUP theater students to perform 'Grizula' in play's native Croatia

Penn Contributing Writer
July 07, 2004

Aron Honick (senior, theater) and Julie Settle (junior, theater) strike a pose during "Grizula." The cast of the centuries-old play by the "Croatian" Shakespeare", Marin Drzic, which was adapted from Croatian and produced in English at IUP this spring, is traveling to Croatia, where they will perform the show at the Dubrovnik Arts Festival.

When a group of students tried out for "Grizula," a play by Croatian author, Marin Drzic, they were told about the possibility of performing the show in the author's homeland. On July 15, the possibility will turn into a reality for the cast and crew of 18 students.

"It's an excellent opportunity," said Michael Hood, dean of Fine Arts, "not only to expose our students to the differences between the university and professional worlds, but also the American way of working in contrast to the European way." Hood will be joining the 16 students in Croatia with Barbara Blackledge, theater department chair.

The cast will perform Grizula at the Dubrovnik Arts Festival. For most of these young actors, it will be their first time traveling abroad.

"This is my first time out of the country. I've never even been to Canada," said Anne Canzano (senior, theater).

Although the company members are excited, they do know that challenges await them in the United States and in Croatia.

"The actors have to readjust to each other, the way we move, sing and speak," said Nate Miller (sophomore, theater). Miller added that he and other actors are working on their lines and the music for the show.

Canzano, who is the costume designer for the production, said the major challenge for the show will be to move the show to a theater an ocean away.

"It's a new space, new seating arrangement and a new society," Canzano said. "While all that happens, we have to make it work even better than it did here."


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