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(E) Gobshite Quarterly rootless cosmopolitan approach to everything
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  08/13/2004 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Gobshite Quarterly rootless cosmopolitan approach to everything


Gobshite Quarterly rootless cosmopolitan approach to everything


New writing from Algeria, Argentina, Croatia, Cuba, Switzerland, & Washington state.

Gobshite Quarterly issue Seven, your Rosetta Stone for the New World Order, at bookstores & newsstands in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Europe,
Australia, & Japan on Nagasaki Day, Aug. 2004. (& we're already in production on Issue Eight, Dias de Los Muertos, due Nov. 2004). Distributed
by FM Int'l, Kent News, Small Changes, Tower, Ubiquity, Doormouse (Canada) & BBR (UK & Europe).

Utne Magazine's Chris Dodge says: "Pan-lingual Gobshite Quarterly, where Paul Krassner meets Vénus Khoury-Ghata, is my favorite source for
Hungarian fiction that reads like a song ('hogy jaj. jaj. jaj. semmirol semmi fogalma nines...'). In its pages, English language poems, short stories, &
'reasoned rants' nervously traverse a dark alley, past a gauntlet of hipster Arabs, dangerous Czechs, & Spanish cantoras."

Think of Gobshite Quarterly as your Rosetta Stone for the New World Order, baptized in legible fonts. Think Harpers on ecstasy, the Atlantic
Monthly on an ether-absinthe bender, or a multi-lingual Granta liberated from theme issues; with Nick Cave reporting in from Rio de Jainero (Issue
3), Ivan Klíma offering fiction & essays; Hanan Al-Shaykh visits the Alhambra to sit down & weep in the Court of Lions in Arabic & English;
Mahmoud Darwish reports from Ramallah in Arabic, French & English; & Laura Esquivel taking a mythopoeic approach to transgenic agribusiness in
Spanish & English....
Gobshite Quarterly exists in a world where people watch the news & say to each other that what they've just seen is total gobshite.
People have talked about the Global Village since the 1960s. Yet things inevitably get lost in translation, or censored.
This is the Global Village, & any magazine operating within its borders should present the best writing from within the borders, i.e., from around the
world. To truly present the best writing from around the world, then works originally written in a foreign language ought to be published bilingually, or
sometimes trilingually.... Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Latin, Polish, Slovenian, Spanish, w/ en
face English translation.

Gobshite Quarterly was first formed in July 2001 by a cabal consisting of a recovering Southern Californian, an Australian Expat, & a native
Portlander. A website was up & running by Spring of 2002, & a first print issue appeared in February 2003.

Poštovani gosp. Bach,

Srdacan pozdrav iz Zagreba uz molbu da ove info. o casopisu Gobshite stavite na vase stranice.
Unaprijed zahvaljujem i cestitam na vasem odanom radu
Biserka Cetinic

Gobshite (n): Pernicious blatherskite (OED)

Our August 2004 (Nagasaki Day) Issue Number Seven

We were refered to you by one of our contributors, Julie Busic, & by Edo Popovic, Dubravka Oriac-Tolic, Tomica Bajsic, & Gordan Nuhanovic,
who feel that you might be interested in the multilingual nature of our magazine & its rootless cosmopolitan approach to everything...
We now have an inexpensive trans-Atlantic shipper, & are now setting up European distribution.
We are so impressed by the quality of Croatian writers that we will be featuring some Croatian writing in every issue for the forseeable future.
If you would like to order from us directly, let us know.

Or contact our UK distributor, BBR Solutions

Also, if there is some mutually-beneficial project we might be able to collaborate on, please Email....

Comin' at ya multilingually in English, Croatian, French, German, & Spanish, your Rosetta Stone for the New World Order

The True & Secret History of Ike Eisenhower & Joey Ramone: Commander in Chief Meets General Punk Rock
Elvis Costello & Joan Jett & the Class of '77 Come to Praise Joey, Not to Bury HimŠ.
Michael Stipe's & Grant Lee Phillips' new Haiku Year
Christoph Keller's Threshold--Update/Schwelle--Update
Luisa Valenzuela's Life's A Bitch/Esta Perra Vida
Edo Popovic's Our Lady of the Whores/Gospa od bluda
Dubravka Oraic Tolic's 20th C. in the Rearview Mirror/Dvadeseto Stoljece U Retrovizoru
Rastas sling mud & Jonathan Demme starts making sense
This Ain't No Blog: Summer Travel Writing: Bombay Road Games in "Wrecks & Pissers"; Ithican deadbeat deads; Shanghai's migrant working stiffs;
& Rwandan triage....


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