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(E) Croatian Art Displayed in the Empire State Building
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  09/21/2004 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Croatian Art Displayed in the Empire State Building


Croatian Art Displayed

in the Empire State Building

Croatian National Tourist Office
350 Fifth Ave. #4003
New York, NY 10118
Tel: 212-279-8672 Fax: 212-279-8683

New York, NY – Sept. 10, 2004 -- Where was the tie invented? Croatia, of course!
See the orginal Croatian tie, or “cravat”, the next time you’re at the Empire State
Building’s Fifth Avenue Gallery, where the newly opened Exhibit on
Croatian is running from Sept. 10 until Nov. 22nd, featuring more than 40 works of
art, authentic Croatian artifacts and promotional posters.

Croatia is a nation of almost 5 million people, nestled in the heart of Europe on the beautiful
Adriatic coast. Being an integral part of Europe, it is a place of great cultural heritage, and 6
UNESCO Sites! This ancient land is also one of the world’s newest travel destinations, made
popular by its wealth of history, tradition, and heritage, and its friendly people that welcome

Croatia has eight national parks. The best known of these is Plitvice Lakes. There are over
1,000 islands, islets, and reefs. They are well-preserved, perfect for eco-tourism. Croatia
became a popular world cruise destination, and has many interesting ports-of-call, such as
Dubrovnik, Korcula, Split, Trogir, Zadar, and Pula. Excellent accommodations, such as
boutique-style and five-star hotels, offer many options for both leisure and business

Croatia is also home to rich culinary traditions, a combination of Mediterranean and continental
cuisine. It is the home of world-renowned Zinfandel wine, whose vineyards are found in
southern Dalmatia. Continental Croatia’s Kutjevo vineyards are known for their Grasevina
and Riesling white wines. The Istria region is known for good food and its award-winning
white truffles. One of these truffles even set a record in the Guinness Book of Records!

The Croatian exhibit features breathtaking posters of Croatian
cities and well-known tourist resorts such as Dubrovnik, Pula, Bol, Krk, Murter, and Zagreb.
In addition, there are stunning photos that capture scenes of young and vibrant Croatians. One
window display salutes New York, showcasing the riveting sepia works of Maksimilian
Vanka, a world-renowned Croatian artist, and his 1932 portrayal of old New York. Also, there
are wonderful watercolors by the painter Antun Mates that portray Fifth Avenue with its
famous Empire State Building.

In addition to paintings and photography, the exhibit features original embroidery
costumes from Zagorje region near the Croatian capital, Zagreb, artifacts showing
history of Croatia like the Stone Tablet from Baska on Krk Island written in 11th-century
Glagolithic script,and the Clay Dove, an artifact from 3000 BC. Visitors will also be
marveled by the magnificent works of world-renowned naďve artist Ivan Lackovic-Croata,
one of the founders of Croatia’s Naďve School of Painting in Hlebine.

The works of contemporary artists like Nives Kavuric Kurtovic ‘s Caged Bird is
beautifully displayed, as well as Duro Pulitika’s Dalmatian Villages. Young artists
like Miljenko Bengez, already known throughout the New York art scene, has
an Imaginary City, and young and talented Antonija Ruskovic
and Sanja Rescek are also featured, whose works all add to the uniquely
Croatian flavor of the exhibit, which will give visitors a taste of Croatia right
here in Manhattan!

The exhibit was put together by the Croatian National Tourist Office in New York,
whose General Manager Nena Komarica organized and selected the unique variety
of works and promotional material.

According to Ms. Komarica, “This is the first time that Croatia is featured in the Empire
State Building, and we are taking this great opportunity to show our country as an
upcoming tourist destination for Americans.”


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