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(E) Eugene Ionesco's Macbett directed by Croatian in LA
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/11/2004 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Eugene Ionesco's Macbett directed by Croatian in LA


 Il Dolce Theatre Company and Spirit of Sarajevo
by Eugene Ionesco*
Directed by Neno Pervan
Executive producer Peter Dowling
Performing at the

Globe Playhouse
1107 N. Kings Road
West Hollywood
Nov 12– Dec 12
Thur, Fri, Sat 8pm
Sun 7pm
(310) 458-3312
More information at:

* In consideration of the unique circumstances of this production, special clearance has been granted by Marie France Ionesco for modifications to the author’s work for this production only. No rights of use beyond this production are granted.

Note From Ms. Marie France Ionesco

In consideration of the unique circumstances of this production, special clearance has been granted for modifications to the author's work for this production only. No rights of use beyond this production are granted. History of Macbett.

Note From the Director

We live through dangerous, treacherous time. We are bombarded with empty rhetoric, lies and threats. Shakespeare wrote about all of this, four hundred years ago. Then, genius of Eugene Ionesco revisited these same issues during the cold war era with his Macbett.

He took Shakespeare’s original and explained to us that, since Shakespeare’s times, we did not move one single step ahead. Quite au contraire, we stepped back.

Today, more than thirty years later, it is my feeling that we are stepping even further back. Ionesco's words never sounded so terrifying, and famous Shakespeare’s monologues from Macbeth are as actual and stunning as ever. Very few contemporary plays can tell us this much about ourselves as these two classics can.

We tried to merge these two and the result will play out in front of you tonight. We stepped more into Ionesco's tragic side, because we believe that our times require that.

Our show would never be possible without understanding from Ms. Marie France Ionesco. We are extremely grateful for that.

Enjoy the show.

Neno Pervan


In Memory of Tim Choate
Macbett - Zoran Radanovich
Lady Duncan/Lady Macbett - Pamela Clay
Duncan - Neno Pervan
Banco - Julius Noflin
First Witch/Maid - Heather Petrone
Second Witch/Maid - Kim Blair
Soldier - Ines Wurth
Officer, Orderly, Macol - Kamen Gabriel
Lemonade Seller - Alex Veadov
Butterfly Hunter - Andrej Pervan

Produced by
"Il Dolce Theatre Company" &
"Spirit of Sarajevo"

Executive Producer - Peter Dowling

Director - Neno Pervan
Lighting Design - Suki Medencevic
Set Design - Slavko Pervan & Neno Pervan
Music - Mladen Milicevic
Costume Design - Lada Pervan
Assist. Director - Vedrana Nanich
Final Costume Designer - Alen Haljevac
Master Carpenter - Luka Krstic
Sound Board Operator - Scott Eckert
Co-Producer - Vera Mijojlic

About the author:

Eugene Ionesco

Eugene Ionesco, one of the foremost playwrights of the theater of the absurd, was born in Romania. Settling in France in 1938, he contributed to Cahiers du Sud and began writing avant-garde plays.
History of Macbett

His works stress the absurdity both of bourgeois values and of the way of life that they dictate. They express the futility of human endeavor in a universe ruled by chance. His play La Cantatrice chauve (1950; tr. The Bald Soprano, 1965) was suggested by the idiotic phrases in an English language textbook; it has become an enormously popular classic of the theater of the absurd.

Among Ionesco's other plays are La Leçon (1951), Les Chaises (1952), Victimes du devoir (1953), Le Nouveau locataire (1957), Tueur sans gages (1958), Rhinocéros (1959), Photo du colonel (1967), Le roi se meurt (1963), and Jeux de massacre (1970). He wrote about the theater in Notes and Counternotes (1962, tr. 1964); a memoir, Present Past, Past Present (1968, tr. 1971); and the novel The Hermit (1974).

His plays are all available in English translation.


1107 North Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Thad Taylor,
President and Founder of Globe Playhouse


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