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(E) IVAN PAVLETIC a young Croatian - American artist
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/30/2004 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) IVAN PAVLETIC a young Croatian - American artist






Introduction of the young Croatian - American artist ( painter, actor and film maker)
" a star on rise " Ivan was born in Karlovac, Croatia and spent his childhood between Munich, Germany ,
Denver, Colorado and Croatia. His talent for visual arts was early recognized and at the age of
10 he was appearing first time in a TV shaw at Littleton, Colorado Cable TV as a painter and cartoon drawer. During a half hour interview he was drawing " life" the cartoon characters , charming the audience.
By the age of 16 Ivan participated in staging of several Theater dramas and Musicals as actor and
scenarist. In Thomas Jefferson High school, Denver he was also cartoonist for their news paper.
In 1990 Ivan was pursuing his art education at the School for Applied Art in Zagreb. Although troubled with the war years in Croatia , he succeeded to graduate from the Art school in Zagreb,
High school in Denver and from the Career Education Center in Denver with Award in Motion Picture Production.

Ivan Pavletic drawing


Since 1994 Ivan participated as actor and director in several short films and Documentaries. His short films were mostly shown on Colorado Public Access TV stations. In 1998 He started to work with John Casablanca's Agency as professional model. In 2002 to 2004 he decided to pursue the education in one of his strongest talents- acting. At John Robert Powers International Academy in Denver, he was studying acting and situation comedy. His instructors find Ivan as a strong and charismatic personality with ability to perform character roles. Having a good ability to change various accents and dialects, Ivan can play a variety of demanding roles.

In 1996 Ivan joined the management of ARTISK Corporation and this summer he had the opportunity to play in several film and TV productions in Croatia. He is very enthusiastic about the great potential which Croatian film industry has in co productions with American actors and film producers and possibilities to participate in US film and TV markets. Ivan Pavletic is the name we will hear more and more in the film industries on both sides of the Atlantic.


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