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(E) Croatian Madonna to settle in Clifton
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/7/2004 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Croatian Madonna to settle in Clifton


Croatian Madonna to settle in Clifton

Tatiana Cameron is touring the country, performing in "Emmanuel." She and her husband, Matthew, plan to raise their sons, Dante (left) and Evan, in Clifton. They came to the United States from Yugoslavia.
Provided Zoom There is something special about Cincinnati that appeals to Tatiana Cameron, a classical theater performer. Cameron, 34, and her husband, Matthew, 34, are on a tour across the country as she performs "Emmanuel.''

The Camerons have two children, Dante, 4, and Evan, 2. They have been staying in Clifton for the past few weeks and plan to raise their children here.

"My husband and I have been traveling since we were married five years ago,'' she said.

Cincinnati offers something different from growing up in Communist Yugoslavia, where she said she celebrated baptisms in the dark to avoid detection.

She went on to become a pop star and became widely known as the "Croatian Madonna.''

She and her family have been criss-crossing the country in a motor home while she performs at churches.

She was trained in classical theater in New York, but has successfully mixed her classical singing with pop. She has just released an album in Croatia titled "The Best of Golden Collections.''

Tatiana Cameron, with a cellist, a keyboard player and a percussionist, will perform at St. Pius X. Church in Edgewood at 7 p.m. today.

Grants for XU instructors

Philanthropist Roger Grein believes in mixing giving and education.

Grein, a certified public accountant in Reading, sponsors a program that gives grants to Xavier University instructors and their students to be awarded to community-based organizations within the subject area of their courses.

Grants totaling $4,000 have been awarded to George Farnsworth, biology, for an environmental studies seminar; Heather Gallew, occupational therapy, for occupational justice; Irene Hodgson, modern languages, for Spanish translation and interpretation; and Melody D'Ambrosio, education for language arts and social studies.

Organizations that will be receiving the grants will be selected in January.

Skyline collecting coats The Skyline 500 Coat Challenge runs through Wednesday to benefit the FreeStore/Foodbank. Those who donate a clean winter coat (any size) in good condition will receive a $5 Skyline Chili gift card. Donations must be made to the FreeStore/FoodBank's drop-off center, 112 E. Liberty St., Over-the-Rhine, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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